Code Name Tiranga Review: Parineeti Chopra’s Dhansu Action In Action Thriller

Proving continuous flops at the box office, Bollywood does not give up on making movies based on formulas. There has been a trend in the Hindi film industry that the formula that becomes a hit has a rush of films. Just like romantic, religious, patriotic, historical, remake and biographical movies, there has been a craze for detective movies in Bollywood. Movies like ‘Raazi’ (2018), ‘Agent Vinod’ (2012), ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ (2012), ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ (2017) and ‘Naam Shabana’ (2017) are good examples of this. A detective film ‘Code Name Tiranga’, made in the vein of this type of film, has been broadcast on Netflix OTT platform two months after its box office release.

Ribhu Dasgupta, who produced movies like ‘Teen’, ‘Michael’ and ‘The Girl on Train’, has directed ‘Code Name Tiranga’. It stars Parineeti Chopra, Hardy Sandhu, Sharad Kelkar, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Shishir Sharma, Rajit Kapoor and Savyasachi Bhattacharya in major roles. Parineeti Chopra is seen doing a tremendous Dhansu action for the first time. She has played the role of an undercover agent who goes to other countries to complete the intelligence mission from India. According to her image, Parineeti’s performance is excellent. Sharad Kelkar and Dibyendu Bhattacharya have also done a great job with him. The movie just loses a bit on the script.

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Parineeti Chopra, Hardy Sandhu, Sharad Kelkar starring film ‘Code Name Tiranga’ is streaming on Netflix.

At the center of the story of the movie ‘Code Name Tiranga’ is Parineeti Chopra’s character, Agent Durga Singh. They send him on an intelligence mission to Afghanistan. RAW learns that terrorist Khalid Umar (Sharad Kelkar), the mastermind of the 2001 Parliament attack, is to attend a wedding there. Durga is sent as Ismat to get the information from him. After going there, Ismat befriends Dr. Mirza Ali (Hardy Sandhu). Because Khalid will attend the wedding of Mirza’s friend. Durga and Mirza’s friendship gradually turns into love. Durga says: “My prayers will always be with you.” To this, Mirza says: “My heart will always regret it. I wish that you also stay with me with your blessings. Mirza proposes to her. Durga agrees. But meanwhile, he is warned about his mission.

An Indian commando team arrives to catch Khalid at the wedding of Dr. Mirza Ali’s friend. But someone else gets there instead of Khalid. Because someone leaked the information on this mission to Khalid. In this way this mission is exposed. The team has to come back. Following this, RAW gets information that Khalid is hiding in Turkey. Once again Durga goes to Turkey to catch him. She attacks her base with her equipment. Khalid’s wife is killed in this attack. Durga gets injured. Meanwhile, she meets Mirza again. Both are surprised to see each other. Mirza treats the injured Durga. He helps her after learning about her mission. But when Khalid finds out about Mirza and Durga’s love affair, he kidnaps Mirza to take revenge on her. Will Durga be able to free her lover Mirza from her? Will she be able to arrest Khalid and punish him for his crimes? To answer these questions, you will have to see the film.

The tremendous performance of the actors in the film, the action of Dhansu and the scenes shot in Turkey-Afghanistan make ‘Code Name Tiranga’ special. Parineeti Chopra, Hardy Sandhu, Sharad Kelkar and Dibyendu Bhattacharya have major roles in this film. All four actors have given excellent performances. Sharad Kelkar has breathed life into his character as always. Harrdy Sandhu and Parineeti Chopra’s chemistry is also good. The film’s script is weak, but the dialogues have improved. “When a weak person raises his voice, everyone curses. But when the weak himself takes up a weapon, it is called terrorism”, “The story of life begins before life, life ends, but not history”, such dialogues create emotion in the film. In general, the 2 hour 18 minute film is not boring at any time. You can watch this movie. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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