Concern for Kovid spread in Kerala; Prime Minister wants more restrictions


  • Emphasis should be placed on local regulations.
  • Attention should be paid to rural areas.
  • Prime Minister proposes to increase vaccination

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today expressed his satisfaction with the expansion of Kovid19 in states such as Kerala. The Prime Minister said the threat from Kevid’s third wave was increasing and the virus was more likely to be genetically modified. The prime minister’s response came during a meeting with top ministers from six states.

The prime minister held talks with the top ministers of the six states that have the highest number of Kovid 19 cases in the country. In addition to Kerala, the chief ministers of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha also attended the meeting. The prime minister demanded that Kovid’s maximum tests be carried out and medical facilities increased. These six states represent 80 percent of the total cases in the country.

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The prime minister said it was important to monitor and diagnose as many cases as possible, ensure treatment and increase vaccination. The Prime Minister said that if the number of new cases could not be controlled, there would be a big problem. The Prime Minister recalled that the Central Government has announced a Kovid Defense Fund of 23,000 million rupees and that it should be used by the states.

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The Prime Minister said that Kovid’s situation in Kerala and Maharashtra was not under control and that further restrictions should be imposed. The prime minister said it was not the time for celebrations and called for more facilities in rural areas and an emphasis on local restrictions.

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According to figures released by the Union Ministry of Health, in 24 hours 38,949 new cases were confirmed in the country. 542 more deaths have been reported. According to the Ministry of Health, 40,026 people were cured of Kovid in 24 hours.

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