Congress will soon be overthrown; The working committee will meet after the parliamentary session.

New Delhi: Congress is ready to undo the party at the national level after the monsoon parliament session. According to party sources, the party will consider giving Ramesh Chennithala the appropriate position in the national leadership at this stage. The proceedings will begin after the end of the parliamentary session on the 13th of this month.

On an organizational level, group games within Congress, including in Rajasthan, are gaining national attention. Carrying out demolitions. Tendulkar is also vying for a senior position in the party amid a dispute between the chief minister, Ashok Gellot. It is known that Ramesh Chennithala, who met with Rahul Gandhi last month, is likely to join the AICC. Apart from this, the AICC posts in charge of Gujarat and West Bengal are currently vacant.

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Rajiv Satav Kovid, AICC general secretary in charge of Gujarat, has died. The problem was that Jitin Prasada, who was in charge of West Bengal, joined the BJP. A meeting of the Congressional Working Committee will be convened shortly to discuss these matters.

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In addition to the changes brought about by the party leadership, the party is of the opinion that there should be a change in the way it works. The working committee will also consider this matter. In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, Congress plans to change the way the party works and organize more vigorous protests.

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