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A few days the virus, our whole country, grasp mahamariyute. When the first wave and the second wave struck with the strongest force, it reached the point where it became the most terrifying threat to human life. Reagavyapanattin in the fight against leakage and sanirraisarukalum masks as part of our daily life. It is true that all of these can help a person avoid getting sick to some extent. But there’s more than that. That is our immune system.

No matter what the disease is, if we have the ability to fight it, we need not fear. If so, even if the disease occurs, it will not lead to a more serious condition. Therefore, it is important to stimulate the immune system of our body during this time of year. The crown shows the same common symptoms of infections as colds and coughs. So these days you need to do everything you can to boost your immune system and reduce your risk of disease.

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In this case, it is not practical to stimulate the immune system by taking medication. Instead, you can naturally boost your immune system by using some natural ingredients that can be found in our own kitchen as prescribed by Ayurveda. Drinks that contain natural properties, such as herbal teas, are the ones that promise the benefits you want in this regard. Choose one of them and add it to your daily routine.

To improve immunity

With just 4 ingredients that can be easily found in your home kitchen, you can quickly make one of the most effective immune-boosting drinks. First, let me tell you that this drink will be something that will delight your tongue and palate as if you were drinking a cup of tea. Don’t be afraid that it tastes like bitter tinctures that are considered Ayurvedic remedies. In fact, it is one of the most sought after items in the world. This natural drink that offers immunity will be something that even young children will love to eat.

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All you need to make this delicious drink are four ingredients: ginger, honey, pepper, and lemon. When you get all these benefits at home in the least expensive and most time-consuming way, have no excuses not to try it. Let’s see how to make a natural drink that boosts the immune system.

> Half a teaspoon of pepper
> 1 tablespoon ground ginger
> 1 tablespoon of honey
> Half a teaspoon of lemon
> 2 glasses of water

How to prepare

Step 1 – Peaticcetukkam pepper well. Ginger, and mix the two ingredients well together. Add the honey and mix well.

Step 2 – Copy olikkam from a glass of water and boil it in a glass.

Step 3: Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add the three ingredients and mix well. Drink everything before it gets hot.


Ginger and pepper give you anti-inflammatory properties. It has the greatest effect on healing and prevention. All of these ingredients are more effective in fighting problems like fever, cold, and cough. Together, these four give your body antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It slows down the body to stop its activities in the resistance of bacteria to resist infection and potential. This drink, which you can take as a medicine at inopportune times, is most effective in boosting the immune system and strengthening the digestive system.

It can be taken as a medicine as long as you have symptoms of fever and cough. This drink provides instant relief from a sore throat and runny nose. Also, you can get used to drinking this drink regularly every day to enhance your body’s immunity during the days of this epidemic.

Ginger and pepper water for good health

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