Countless doses of action, you will see the country’s first super soldier saving parliamentarians from terrorists!

This year, John Abraham’s first movie, Attack Part 1, is set for release. Before that, the trailer for Attack Part 1 also appeared. The story of the film shows a fictitious operation carried out after the terrorist attack on Parliament and the taking of MPs hostage. Although the story is also inspired by real events, the audience can see a lot of flight of imagination in it. People would know that in 2001, terrorists broke into the security of the country and reached the entrance of Parliament House.

The terrorists’ plan was to take the parliamentarians’ demands hostage. But they could not succeed in this. The Indian soldiers killed the terrorists. Many soldiers were also martyred in the operation. In Attack 1, this story is served as a great fictional thriller. In the world’s largest democracy, the entire parliament has been taken hostage. The purpose of the terrorists is to harm the country as well as to do it by force and behind this is the role of their more traditional neighboring country. However, security agencies go to great lengths to prevent terrorists from succeeding in their plans. A special operation is carried out led by John Abraham, that is, Arjun. Arjun is a super soldier. India’s first super soldier.

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John Abraham will be seen in the role of Super Soldier.

India’s super soldier has been specially prepared with the help of science. Rakulpreet Singh has played the role of a scientist. Jacqueline Fernandez is in front of John. Vijay Raj in the role of a high-profile officer who is responsible for the internal security of the country. It will be interesting to see in the film how Arjun frees the Parliament from the possession of the terrorists. What made him a super soldier and why did he become a super soldier? In the trailer for the pure action thriller, the performance of any artist did not show that he should be noticed.

You can watch the trailer for Attack Part 1 below:

Effective action sequence seen in Attack 1

But as far as the trailer is concerned, it’s effective depending on the mood. The VFX looks beautiful. Incredible action stunts can be seen in the movie. Action stunts are the life of the movie. The background score may also look different. Dozens of movies are seen in Hollywood about such a similar concept. The Hindi audience will probably be able to see the Super Soldier movie immersed in the syrup of patriotism for the first time. As far as John is concerned, his character seems to dominate everyone and the sequences of his part in the trailer are going to impress. Satyamev Jayate 2 was also John’s action movie, but there was a lot going on in it. Attack 1 at least doesn’t look like that. The film is directed by Lakshya Raj Anand.

The stories of operations against terrorist attacks have come to light

As for the operation of the security agencies after Parliament or similar terrorist attacks, Bollywood has made many movies. Some have also been popular. It is obvious that the public also liked them. Just a few months ago, the Special Ops webseries, made with the story of the attack on Parliament at its core, had caught the attention of a large number of viewers. In this, KK Menon has played the lead role of an officer named Himmat Singh. So far, two parts of the web series have come to the fore. The feedback received for Special Ops and the glimpse of Strike 1 can be seen as a sign of a good movie.

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