Court dismisses plea of ​​’wanted’ Mamta Kulkarni in drug case, actress fights for drug money

Mumbai: Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni has been slapped by a court in a drug case worth Rs 2000 crore. A special court in Mumbai has refused to de-freeze Mamata’s six bank accounts.

Mamata had appealed to the court to close her six confiscated bank accounts as she was struggling financially. However, the court rejected his application. On behalf of Mamta Kulkarni, her lawyer had filed a petition in the court. In which it was said that the actress has been wrongly implicated in the 2016 drug case. He is the only earning member of his family. The petition said that Mamta’s sister was suffering from mental illness and there was a lack of money for her treatment and medicine. According to the petition, Mamta Kulkarni’s sister is undergoing treatment at a center in Panvel, Navi Mumbai for the last eight years.

On behalf of Mamta Kulkarni, her lawyer told the court that Mamta’s bank accounts have been sealed. His fixed deposit amount has also been forfeited. Her sister’s treatment is getting interrupted. The petition also states that Annie’s sister should be allowed to open her sealed house in Andheri, Mumbai as it needs to be kept in a clean environment.

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Five years ago, on April 14, 2016, the Crime Branch seized over 20 tonnes of ephedrine and 2.5 tonnes of acetic anhydride from a factory of a pharma company named Avon Life Science in Solapur, Thane and other places in Ahmedabad. The investigation found the names of Kenyan drug mafia Vicky Goswami and Mamta Kulkarni in the case. Vicky is also believed to be Mamta’s husband and investigation revealed that both were running a drug racket worth several crores together. Mamta Kulkarni is on the run since then.

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