Crafting herb beds from milk bags

Do you know this when the plastic waste overflows again and you almost get mad, because you automatically produce garbage with every purchase? I try to pay attention as best I can, but sometimes I find myself getting the much lighter PET packaging to end up in my shopping scales.

There is a very interesting study by DANK, the manufacturer of environmentally friendly, recycled hygiene papers. It says that 65% of Indians are happy to make a small contribution to environmental protection. I definitely belong to that 65%. With hygiene articles, I already manage conscious shopping quite well – for example, I use recycled toilet paper or use body butter that is not packed in plastic. A small contribution to environmental protection, which just feels good to me.

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So that my PET bags don’t turn into garbage, I’ve come up with a chic DIY. It just feels great when you can turn things that are rubbish at first glance into something beautiful & meaningful. In no time, the milk packs become chic planters for my herbs!

You need These Materials:

  • Empty milk or juice bagsself-adhesive film
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Herbal soil
  • Herbs that require little water are particularly suitable e.B. lavender, thyme, rosemary and sage
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Step 1

Separate the PET packaging at the top, leaving only 2/3 of the package.

Step 2

Place the self-adhesive film with the printed side down on the table. To avoid the awkward measurement, simply wrap the foil around the milk bag once and then separate it. Important: Let the top and bottom survive 2 to 3 cm.

Step 3

Now apply the cut foil to the milk bag. Thereafter, cut in the overstanding end and turn it over.

Step 4

Depending on where the PET pots are to be fixed, the holes for the cable ties are now cut. Since I have a steel girder on the balcony I need 2 slits at the top and bottom.

Step 5

Fill a little soil into the new pots, then fill a plant in and again with soil.
Then pour well.


The planted pots are also great as a souvenir for your next barbecue party. This is best done without cable ties, because the vessels also do well as a table decoration.

Cover Picture: Designed Via Canva Pro Account ; © Copyright All Rights Reserved by LeanBrow

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