Criminal Justice 3: Pankaj Tripathi’s eyes turned into deception with the audience!

Among the audience is the third season of the web series ‘Criminal Justice’, which is included in the best legal drama in Hindi under the direction of Rohan Sippy. The first two seasons were highly praised by the audience. In such a situation, the third season was looked forward to. This web series airs on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform. In the third season of the legal web series, Pankaj Tripathi, Shweta Basu Prasad, Purab Kohli, Swastika Mukherjee, and Gaurav Gera can be seen working in major roles.

In the legal series, Pankaj Tripathi played the role of a lawyer named Madhav Mishra. Madhav Mishra who comes from the city environment is a tremendous character. His character is full of humor and emotion. But this time the creators have not released all the episodes of the shows together. Right now, only two episodes of the third season are airing, and the rest of the episodes will be dropped one by one based on the weekly plan. Although many viewers have not liked this from the filmmakers and they are also seeing criticism about it on social networks.

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What is the story of the third season of Criminal Justice?

The story of the third season is also related to a case that Madhav Mishra receives. This is a very difficult case in which there is no chance of victory. This is probably why Madhav Mishra gets the case. The case is about saving Mukul. Mukul is accused of murdering his own half-sister Zara. Madhav Mishra has no factual evidence to save Mukul. If Mukul is innocent and if Madhav Mishra can save him, this mystery will be shown to be solved in the third season storyline.

Pankaj Tripathi

There is no shortage of people who like criminal justice in the Hindi OTT world. By the way, since the arrival of the second show, madness is often seen in the audience regarding the third season. The audience saw a great story in the legal drama on OTT. A show full of crime, humor and tremendous emotion was waiting to be seen. After the broadcast, the hype for the show was also visible on social media.

Viewers said they were eagerly awaiting the show and it is finally airing. However, the audience also criticizes the creators for the show. Viewers are expressing their displeasure at not releasing all episodes of the third season simultaneously. He also wonders on social media why all the episodes weren’t uploaded together.

Pankaj Tripathi got a lot of recognition from Criminal Justice

In regards to not uploading the shows together, some viewers called it the creators’ strategy. One viewer wrote that because not all shows come together, there is a natural discussion about season three. Viewers who have seen two episodes will be more interested in the remaining episodes. There will be talk of the third season and this will also give new viewers to the show. Perhaps the creators have a similar plan. However, nothing can be said about this with certainty. But after streaming the discussion of Pankaj Tripathi’s show is being seen. The possibility of further increase over time cannot be ruled out.

As far as Criminal Justice is concerned, it can be counted among those shows for which Pankaj Tripathi gained superstar status in the OTT space. Stars like Vikrant Massey and Jackie Shroff have also appeared in the first two seasons of Criminal Justice.

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