Criticize Arvind Kejriwal; Student fined 5,000 rupees


  • The move comes as students prepare to protest against the university.
  • The university is run by the Government of Delhi.
  • Neha was reacting to constitutional changes in reservation policy and exorbitant fees.

New Delhi: A student has been fined 5,000 rupees for criticizing Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, during an online graduation ceremony. A student from Delhi Ambedkar University has been fined Rs.

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The university has accused the student of disrespecting Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi’s Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia. The university is run by the Government of Delhi.

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The incident took place in December of last year. Neha, a masters student in presentation studies and also a state vice president of the All India Student Association, was fined. The Chief Minister was criticized during an online graduation ceremony.

During the performance, Neha spoke about constitutional changes in reservation policy and exorbitant fees. Also, they blamed the CM for not paying attention to the students.

The show of cause notice, which was sent out on June 30, said that he would have to pay a fine for writing the senior exam. At the same time, Neha, who admitted the reference, refused to apologize. The student believes that the action taken against her is unacceptable.

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The student claims to be one of a dozen students who posted comments on the YouTube live stream link. Neha, however, said that she was isolated and that there were at least 12 other protesters and that the university was isolating them without giving any warning.

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Students are ready to protest online against the university’s admissions policy, including an increase in fees and discrimination against reserved students. Meanwhile, student organizations have said they will question the measures taken against Neha.

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