Cuttputlli: Akshay Kumar left the theater and ran OTT, but silence says it couldn’t be done

Akshay Kumar’s period of trouble seems to be long. When he will end this nothing can be said at the moment. For ‘Katputli’, the directors of it had decided to leave the theater and go to OTT. But after streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar on September 2, the historical silence on Akshay’s film shows that Khiladi Kumar’s work has not been done. There is a great silence on social networks regarding the puppet. Perhaps the anger that led people to decide not to see three of Akshay’s films – Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithviraj and Raksha Bandhan – in theaters continues to infuriate Katputli.

This will be Akshay’s only film in recent years, which is showing very little discussion. More discussions and reviews used to be of those TV shows that Akshay used to come to to promote his movies. I mean, to some extent, you can tell there’s some anger in the audience for Akshay. He is not finished. Katputli is a suspenseful drama. It’s a remake of a southern movie. In this, stars like Rakulpreet Singh, Chandrachud are seen working with Akshay. The story of the film is that of a policeman behind a serial killer trying to solve the mystery of the killer and the murders.

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Akshay Kumar in Katputli. Photo: courtesy of IMDb.

Critics criticizing Lal Singh Chaddha are praising Katputli

There are few reviews related to the movie on Twitter. By the way, all the ‘bluetics’ critics who come out against Aamir Khan’s film Lalsingh Chaddha have given positive reviews of Katputli. In his opinion, the film is full of emotion. And it is capable of entertaining the audience. Unfortunately, the positive reviews are also “small in number”. In one such minority review, Akshay Kumar’s work has been openly praised, describing it as better than the original film. As if Khiladi Kumar had never made such a good movie before in his career.

One even wrote that after three failures, Akshay has to come up with the performance seen in a puppet. He also praises the work of Rakul and Sargun. Thrill and BGM have also been described as excellent. People have even seen Akshay Kumar in the sequel to Katputli. As far as big-name media critics are concerned, almost all have given mixed reactions and rated the film 2.5 out of 5. There is no shortage of reviewers rating 4 or higher. But there doesn’t seem to be any strong word of mouth in the movie’s favor compared to the top ratings.

Akshay’s Movie Is Weak On IMDb Like Social Media

The hashtags associated with the film on Twitter look very weak. As the movie airs on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform hours in advance. It may be that the audience increases after the night and its effect is visible on social networks. For now, there is silence everywhere. Even as Raksha Bandhan, there is no boycott demand for the film. Despite the film’s OTT release, the film will be said to be weak on IMDb, while digital release movies are heavily watched here. At the time of writing the review, the puppet topic on IMDb only involved a little over 400 users. Users have rated the film with only 5.2 out of 10,

Even seeing Katputli’s weak commitment on IMDb, it’s not hard to understand that the buzz is weak at this point. Akshay and the filmmakers of his movie must be praying that the public will praise and watch his movie. At least after 24 hours of streaming, he’ll have an idea of ​​what’s going on in the public’s mind about the movie. Maybe Hotstar will clear things up regarding the audience. So. The failure of an OTT launch must be avoided before drawing conclusions now.

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