d raja: “Public criticism of the Secretary General is not acceptable”; Kanam rejects D Raja Rangath – cpi general secretary d raja against kanam rajendran

New Delhi: CPI (M) Secretary General of State D Raja has denied the allegations made against him by CPI (M) Secretary of State Kanam Rajendran. Public criticism of the Secretary General is not acceptable.

The party has internal democracy. But D Raja said that everyone has a responsibility to maintain discipline. I was talking to the media in Delhi.

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D Raja once again provided advertising support for Anne Raja. National leaders can comment on public issues, including women’s safety.

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At the same time, he told the media about his position against Kanaya Kumar. He also said that Kanaya was convinced that he had betrayed the party.

Kanam said that the Kerala faction did not agree with D Raja’s claim that Kanaya had betrayed the party. He also said that when national leaders comment on state affairs, the decision to communicate with state leaders should not be compromised.

National leaders can comment on public issues, including women’s safety. The Kerala unit did not object to Annie Raja’s comment. D Raja said there was only news.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) Secretary General D Raja has said that the 24th CPI (M) Congress will be held in Vijayawada from October 14-18 next year. He said in Delhi that he would adopt a tactical strategy to defeat the BJP in the next assembly elections.

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Previously, the national leader of the CPI, Annie Raja, had criticized the Kerala police. The criticism was that the Sangh Parivar group was working. With that, Kanam arrived at the scene with the reply that the CPI had no complaints about the state police.

In a letter to the party, he had said that Anne Raja had violated party policy. But now the National Secretary General has taken a different position.

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