Dance on a friend’s shoulder; During the wedding ceremony, the groom was hit in the middle and fell to the ground; Video


  • The groom fell during the wedding.
  • The incident occurred while attending a ceremony with family members.
  • Instagram video goes viral

New Delhi – Wedding day and wedding celebrations are important to everyone. There are ceremonies in different parts of the country where the bride and groom arrive at the bride’s house with songs and dances. The bride and groom will dance and attend the ceremony with much fanfare. But if someone is injured during such a celebration, the whole festive mood will change. Needless to say, if the accident happened to the boyfriend himself.

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A video of the groom having an accident during the wedding has gone viral on social media. On Instagram, Niranjan Mahapatra shared a video of the groom falling off his friend’s shoulder during the wedding ceremony.

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The video shows the bride and groom arriving at the wedding with songs and dances. The groom joins the celebration on the shoulders of a friend. The young man fell back when the boyfriend and his friend began to intervene with the group following the song.

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Kalyana Cherukkan fell in the middle of the group dancing to the song. The video also shows the young man being raised by his relatives shortly after. The video, which was shared three days ago, has already gone viral. But it is unclear where the incident occurred or what the boyfriend’s name was. Some even shared the suspicion that it was an old video because no one from the group was seen wearing a mask.

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