Darlings are the game that a wife tortured by her husband wants for her

In a couple of distant acquaintances, I heard about some things. Find out how and under what circumstances Mian’s hand was raised. Her wife came to her mother’s house, don’t take the name of going home. People joked and said: Laga Raga Thappad has seen the movie. In a society where the word divorce is used as an abuse, it is not easy to untie the extremes of the relationship. From upper class to lower middle class. Even after kicking, punching, punching, even after hating each other, even after living in different rooms, houses, cities, everything will happen. There will be no divorce.

‘Tappad’ was a fantastically arduous adventure. The woman who is suffering domestic physical-mental violence wants to pick him up but she cannot pick him up. ‘Darlings’ are the tricks or games that the wife wants for herself after the husband has finished the ability to withstand the beating.

Darlings is a movie that both men and women must see

But the matter is the same, if Mian is a married person of his choice and if the spark of love is smoldering in some heart cow, then the mind cannot hate Mehboob even after trying a hundred tricks to get rid of him. . This is practically the weakness of the virtuous Indian wife. And also that society absolutely does not expect wives to respond to domestic violence with violence. But if a woman ever gets over these flaws, what happens next, Darlings is the answer to that.

The film is based on the Muslim environment.

The main character Alia Bhatt is excellent as expected. The low makeup look of hers is like Raazi’s nice. In costume and accent, she is almost a repeat broadcast of Zoya from Gully Boy (this time without the hijab).

The surprise was given by Shefali, who became Alia’s mother. Irfan Khan has given his eyes to her while she was leaving. She acting with the whole body on the one hand and the silent language of the eyes on the one hand. Those who sometimes cry without tears after being beaten by their husbands and sometimes suggest intelligent advice to their daughter to avoid the same beatings.

Shefali, who wears a purple floral dress worth 400 rupees, is a staunch Muslim. But Alia’s combination of a turquoise dupatta over a blue suit with leggings… is usually the clothes of the house helper or the mangatiyas. Now the poorest of the poor Muslims (also the Hindus) wear proper dress.

Bollywood, which has restricted the name of the Muslim character to ‘Zoya’, seems to be doing a new experiment by calling Alia Badru (Badrunnisa).

I saw Alia’s husband Vijay Varma for the first time on TV in South’s dubbed movie ‘Middle Class Abhay (MCA)’. The performance was so great that the face was remembered. Later seen in Mirzapur, Gully Boy and She. The downside of being outsiders is that they get recognition late. He is an actor in Pankaj Tripathi, the range of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Long race horses too.

Muslim husbands living in the narrow streets of Mumbai beat their wives. This environment is similar in both Darlings and Gully Boy. As I watched the movie, I was reminded of a newspaper report on domestic violence. Punjabi men are the most violent in terms of domestic violence. except for Uttar Pradesh. It is to be hoped that from now on the director/screenwriter, etc. choose a different environment instead of mumbai or environment.

Women should see the movie so they can understand that love is not achieved through violence. Men should watch this to be warned of the tricks wives may pull if they don’t get a divorce.

With all the merits and demerits, the film secretly wonders why even today it is easier to kill wives, to teach husbands a lesson by killing them, to plot murder, than to divorce respectfully, why?

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Lal Singh Chaddha’s pre-booking just said, what will be the fate of the film?

Seeing the dear ones, consider that wives swear, why don’t women raise their voices against husbands?

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