Decoupled Web Series Review: Madhavan-Surveen’s Perfect Chemistry In Divorce Story

The relationship between husband and wife is different in every relationship. There is a lot of love in it and sometimes there is a fight. The spontaneity of this relationship is believed to be such that husband and wife understand each other’s feelings without saying anything. This is why this relationship grows stronger over time. But sometimes the love between some couples is less tension and more. The conversations between them are less fights and more. If this situation is not handled in time, those relationships are also on the verge of breaking down. Between husband and wife comes the moment of divorce. The story of the new Netflix web series ‘Decoupled’ is based on this puzzle of the relationship between husband and wife. It stars well-known actor R Madhavan and famous ‘Hate Story’ actress Surveen Chawla in the lead roles.

The ‘Decapled’ web series, directed by Hardik Mehta, stars Arista Mehta, Aseem Hattangani, Atul Kumar, Sonia Rathi, Akash Khurana and Mukesh Bhatt in leading roles alongside Madhavan and Surveen. The history of the series has been written by its creators Manu Joseph and Dinesh Thakur. Manu Joseph had previously written the best story for Randeep Hooda’s film ‘Love Khichdi’ and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s film ‘Serious Man’. On this occasion, together with Dinesh Thakur, he has presented the story of the complex relationship between husband and wife in front of the public with great ease and simplicity. In this, director Hardik Mehta also supported him very strongly. But there has been a mistake from the creators, that also in terms of Hindi audience, because the dubbing of the series has been very bad.

Actor R Madhavan and ‘Decapled’ web series actress Surveen Chawla have done a wonderful job. If you have ever taken the UPSC (IAS and IPS) exam through Hindi medium then you can easily understand the dubbing problem of this web series. In this exam, such a translation from Hindi has been given for Middle Hindi students, to understand that the contestants have to take the help of English. What is the use of such a translation? Similarly, what good is that Hindi dubbing? That the audience doesn’t understand. It seems that a documentary is playing in front, in which the scene and the dialogue take place separately. The ‘Decapled’ web series lives up to its story, script, direction, and acting on all scales, but is beaten here. As if the food is as delicious as he wants, if the diner is not served properly, then how will he taste?

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History of the decoupled web series

The story of the ‘Decoupled’ web series is based on a Delhi couple who have come to the brink of divorce. The seriousness of the husband-wife relationship between humor and satire is analyzed. Arya Iyer (Madhavan), his wife Shruti (Surveen Chawla) live in Delhi with their 13-year-old daughter. Arya is the second best-selling writer in India after author Chetan Bhagat, while Survin is a venture capitalist. Despite being together, they are very far from each other. Their relationship is about to break down. They both live under one roof just for their daughter. Surveen is fed up with Arya’s antics and habits. Finding fault with everything, looking at everything critically, expressing one’s opinion on every matter without caring for anyone, arguing with people, has become Arya’s habit.

Once, Arya and Survin go on a dinner date in an attempt to mend their relationship. There a boy has come with a plan to propose to his girlfriend. He has made all the preparations together with his family members. From train to cameraman, they have been summoned for this surprise moment. As soon as the boy is about to propose to his girlfriend, Arya steps in the middle. He objects to the couple calling the preparations a useless expense. Because of this, they beat him fiercely in front of his wife. Here, a video of him also goes viral, in which he is seen fighting with a security guy at the airport. Surveen gets more fed up with these incidents. She feels that she can no longer spend her life with Arya. So she decides to get divorced. After this, many twists and turns come. Many incidents happen. But in the end, do they both get divorced? To know this you have to look at the web series.

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Decoupled web series review

Netflix, the US OTT platform, is struggling to establish itself in the Indian market. For this, its emphasis is on from content to marketing. Recently, the company also lowered the subscription fee from 500 to 200 per month. But despite all these efforts, OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar are continually outperforming it in India. The main reason for this is the content selection, production and presentation of the cinema according to the Indian audience. In this case, there is a constant lapse of Netflix. As long as you think in English, you can’t make movies in Hindi, the company has to understand it. As happened with the web series ‘Decoupled’. The Hindi version of this web series made in English seems very useless.

When it comes to direction, Hardik Mehta has done a better job. Previously, he had directed the films Roohi and Kaamyaab. This time, too, your hard work seems successful. Sheetal Duggal’s production design adds to the look of the show, which is accentuated by Piyush PT’s cinematography. The web series has been filmed in many beautiful locations in Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. Rachita Arora’s background score fits well with the story. If Parikshit Jha had sharpened his scissors during editing, it could have been sharper and tighter. The perfect chemistry between R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla is seen with an incredible performance. They both look beautiful even in the role of husband and wife who do not like each other. It’s good to see them together.

Madhavan has done a wonderful job in the role of a writer who leaves no stone unturned to speak his mind. Her character Arya is very plain and simple, which is also the nature of Madhavan. Along with this, Aseem Hattangani as Mayank in the web series, Mukesh Bhatt as Ganesh, Akash Khurana as Surinder Sharma’s father-in-law, and Sonia Rathi in the role of Masha have also done a great job. Sonia Rathi, who is seen playing the character of Madhavan, Arya’s ex-girlfriend, was previously seen on bold web series like ‘Broken But Beautiful 3.’ The famous writer Chetan Bhagat plays himself. When he arrives in front of Madhavan, he is never seen less than he is.

Overall, the ‘Decoupled’ web series is a good web series, but English-speaking audiences will enjoy watching it more. Viewers of the Khati Hindi belt will be bored seeing this, because the dialogue with the images is nowhere to be seen. Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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