Delhi Crime 2: Tried To Break Prejudice But Was Ineffective, The Rest Of The Series Is Alive

Season 1 of the Delhi Crimes was based on the Nirbhaya case. Now the whole series is based on robbery along with ruthless murder of elderly people. The bite has 2 episodes of pebble-like beginnings. Those who hold Denoted Tribes (DNT) responsible for these murders and robberies get caught. Before ’47, the British called them born criminals. The police have not yet got rid of this thought. There was no robbery, murder, loot anywhere where the sword of suspicion hangs from the nameless nomads. Through an officer named Chadha, the hideous and ruthless way of thinking of society towards these people is revealed. At the height of the hate, he says he should have pigs but I don’t trust these people.

For the best crime and suspense, nothing better than Delhi Crime

There will be very few people in society who disagree with Chadha. Those trying to be neutral will go off arguing in favor of his unsightly dark complexion, almost terrifying naked maps. To break with all these prejudices, that is, the oppressed class will come to liberate, the privileged class. Which will advise people who come from a normal background like me not to generalize.

Despite pressure from above, some Chaturvedi will save them from murder charges. Aham will blow the conch shell of Brahmasmi. The public will be proud of Chaturvedi’s nobility. But secretly as they leave, 2 of the accused will be called thieves. That is, there will be a possibility that they are thieves in your unconscious mind. This is like saying that while arguing that ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’, they can be called stoners. Or, while arguing that “girls who wear jeans aren’t lacking in character,” she tells them to blend in with the guys quickly.

This series only shows the bustling shacks, the pigs strolling along the drain through DNT. Without discussion. No causal relationship. While in Season 1 based on the Nirbhaya rape case, a little light was shed on the motive for such a heinous crime through the conversation of two police officers. Looking at the 2 episodes of Shuruvaat, it seems like something new and the topic of DNTs in Hut’s name was brought up to get attention. Fearing contagion, he was discharged as soon as possible. In the remaining 3 episodes, the remaining crime and suspense are viable.

Shifali Chhaya never disappoints. This time too, with very little dialogue and almost no makeup, the eyes have been used a lot. And well done. Through Rasika Duggal, a woman working in the police department’s struggle to strike a balance between home, husband, and work was also shown to be incomplete. Due to the pressure of work and the cancellation of the license, Rasika gives herself 100%, screaming for many nights at her military husband. But due to the lack of any kind of dialogue, even that scene hasn’t been able to measure up.

Hopefully, in season 3, director Rishi Mehta will do a little study on behalf of the discussion. The rest of the crime and suspense should be remembered that his audience will compare him to international cinema even if he doesn’t want to. Because he is watching this show on Netflix and not in a single screen theater.

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