Delivery man kills owner: That murderer is not a delivery man; Dramatic change: three arrested for the murder of the restaurant owner; Police say Swiggy’s delivery agent is not among those charged


  • The delivery man was not directly involved in the murder.
  • There are three defendants
  • The murder took place on Wednesday morning.

Noida: The investigation into the shooting death of a hotel owner in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has taken a dramatic turn. Police initially thought the hotel owner had been shot and killed by a delivery man for being late to prepare food. But the police discovered that one of the three men who had left had shot the owner of the hotel. Police concluded that the delivery man was not directly involved in the murder.

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Vikas, Devender, and Sunil were arrested in connection with the murder. The police arrested the real culprits in the case hours after the incident.

According to police, the delivery man came to the hotel to pick up an online order. It was 12:15 a.m. M. From Wednesday. The hotel employee informed the delivery man that it was too late to prepare the ordered dishes. But the angry delivery man got mad at the hotel employee. The defendants, who were roaming the area at the time, intervened and shot and killed the hotel owner, Sunil Agarwal, who was at the scene.

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The police found the real culprits in a detailed investigation. The defendant tried to flee the police, but the main defendant, Vikas, was shot and killed.

Closure and restrictions; The evidence is strong in Wayanad

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