Delta Plus virus; Surveillance order for three states, including Kerala


  • Watch order for three states
  • Delta Plus is a highly contagious virus
  • Presence found in two locations in Kerala

New Delhi: The Center has issued an alert to three states, including Kerala, where the delta virus is present. The warning indicates that the Delta Plus virus is a highly contagious variant. The delta virus has been detected in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

In Kerala, variants of the delta virus have been found in Palakkad and Pathanamthitta. The Center has ordered the Chief Secretaries to tighten the quarantine and control the spread of the virus.

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Meanwhile, the CM said at a press conference that a new alpha variant of the Kovid virus has started new discussions. The virus that causes Kovid is subject to constant genetic variation. It is said that there are already about 40,000 variants. It is important to find out what the relevant variants are. The rate of spread, severity, and ability to defeat the immune system will be evaluated.

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What has happened now in the state is a variant that is part of a slight change in the delta virus. Studies show that they help reduce the risk of viral infections.

It is currently seen in only three patients in the state. When the pathogenesis was studied in them, it was found that the Iowa alpha variant did not become the cause of the third wave. Efforts are underway to detect and study genetic variations through continuous genetic sequencing. The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Biotechnology and Kozhikode Medical College are leading the study. In addition, the study is being carried out by the country’s Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology, said the CM.

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