Despite occupying theaters, Vikram Vedha was ‘rigged’ on day one, PS-1 made history!

With two big movies (Ponniyin Selvan 1 and Vikram Vedha) opening on Friday in the festive week before Dussehra, the audience is spoiled for choice. However, due to the dominance of some films, a clear effect can be seen in the proper display of new films. For example, R Balki’s suspense drama ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’, which premiered a week ago, is receiving modest showings. The movie, which garnered high praise from the audience, is on only a few screens. While even after four weeks, Karan Johar’s Brahmastra is on screens many times more than silent. Another thing is that in proportion to the amount that Brahmastra occupied the cinema screens, it turned out to be a complete failure in generating the expected business.

Talking about the business of new movies released on Friday, the movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan has made a very slow start at the box office. The weak film business is being surprised in business circles. Vikram Vedha has made a trade of just Rs 11.50 crore on the first day. The scale of the film and the way it was praised by Bollywood stars and critics alike, it seemed that ‘Vikram Vedha’ would definitely make a landmark debut on the bank holiday weekend. The movie business will be in the expectations of Bollywood. But the business of the first day seems to disappoint those in charge. Vikram Vedha is the official remake of the Tamil film of the same title. The original film is also available in the OTT space.

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There is a clash between PS-1 and Vikram Vedha.

PS-1 showed strength on day one by mounting strong word of mouth

On the other hand, the Tamil film PS-1 (Ponniyin Selvan 1) based on the Chola Empire was also released on Friday. Taran Adarsh ​​said that the film made a business of more than Rs 80 crore worldwide from day one. This year itself is a great record. PS-1 had sold more than 17 million rupees worth of tickets in advance for the first day. In this way, the record for becoming the biggest film of the year was also achieved in Tamil. Apart from Tamil, PS-1 was also released in other Indian languages ​​including Hindi. But most of the collection has come from the Tamil box office itself.

It is said in the business circle that PS-1 earned Rs 40 crore in all languages ​​on the first day on the domestic market. Also in the overseas market, the film is likely to earn Rs 20 crore or more. That is, this film is seen standing on a collection of more than 60 million rupees on the first day. There is a chance to earn Rs 2.5 crore or more in Hindi. The kind of word of mouth is visible on film – your business will grow stronger over time. By the way, due to the presence of Vikram Vedha and Brahmastra in theaters, the screening of PS-1 is less visible. The official screen count has not been revealed, but in all reports the possibility of 600-1000 screens is expressed. Whereas according to Bollywood Hungama, Vikram Vedha is shown in India on more than 4007 screens which are only in Hindi.

Under the guise of Book My Shows, you can better understand the condition of both movies.

Here book my show By visiting PS 1, you can better understand the display of Vikram Vedha, Brahmastra and Chup. You can also understand your reservation with shows. More Brahmastra programs are seen than PS-1. Chup ke shows are the least of it. As far as Vikram Vedha is concerned, it shows almost four times more than PS-1. For the second day, ie Saturday, booking Vikram Vedha and PS-1 on shows at the same time, Mani Ratnam’s film looks stronger than Vikram Vedha and Brahmastra. Now, it is not understood that when the Pan South Indian Historical Drama has the interest of the Northern audience, why its exhibition is less? Below you can also see the screenshot of booking both movies at the same venue around the same time. PS-1 is almost full. By comparison, Vikram Vedha’s 30 percent occupation is not visible.

Vikram Vedha vs PS 1Reserve status of Vikram Vedha.

PS 1PS1 reservation status.

The history of the Chola Empire is shown in PS-1. The film’s story is based on Kalki’s novel of the same title. Directed by Mani Ratnam, Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jairam Ravi, Karthi and Trisha Krishnan have played the lead roles. The popularity of Kalki’s novel in Tamil literature is tremendous. This is the reason why there is tremendous hype about the movie. The film is also attracting the audience interested in the history of North India. Just like the discussion about the Chola Empire in the north under the guise of the movie, many people still cannot believe that there was an empire in India that was ahead of its time a thousand years ago. By the way, the way the audience loved Mani Ratnam and Vikram Vedha’s movie had bad business on the first day; It can be said that the demand for PS-1 will increase in the coming days and it will also become the first. audience choice in hindi belt.

(The collection figures are taken from reputable business reports. No official figures have been released.)

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