Detective Boomrah Hindi Review: A Spy Thriller Web Series Full of Mystery and Adventure

Almost everyone knows the detective novel ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ by the famous writer Shardendu Bandyopadhyay. Shardenduji composed this Bengali detective collection taking inspiration from the great literary detective ‘Sherlok Holmes’ by the English writer Arthur Conan Dial. A movie was made based on this novel ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’ which was released in the year 2015. In this, the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput was in the lead role. Inspired by the same ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ stories, story writer Sudhanshu Rai has come up with a spy thriller web series ‘Detective Bumrah’. His first episode ‘The Missing Man’ has been released on his official YouTube channel. It stars Raghav Jhingaran, Shobhit Sujay, Abhishek Sonpalia, Priyanka Sarkar, Ahmed Azad, Manisha Sharma, and Garima Rai in major roles along with Sudhanshu Rai. This is a valiant effort made by Sudhanshu Rai with very little resources, which should be appreciated.

Screenwriter Sudhanshu Rai plays both the director and the actor in the spy thriller web series ‘Detective Bumrah’.

Speaking of the technical team of the web series ‘Detective Bumrah: The Missing Man’, let us tell you that the story of the first episode produced by Saints Arts is written by Sudhanshu Rai and Puneet Sharma. Both have also directed it. Its co-director and creative producer is Anant Rai. Photography is directed by Vipin Singh while editing is handled by Sahib Aneja. Its background score has been designed by Ledger X, while Nikhil Patwardhan has provided additional music. At a time when most of the content that comes in the name of web series bores and annoys people, especially youngsters, ‘Detective Bumrah’ keeps them full of mystery and adventure. Its biggest feature is that in an era where the big Bollywood banners are working to produce OTT cinema, big OTT players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar and Zee5 continuously offer original content, Sudhanshu has introduced a great story by taking a small team on it.

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The story of the web series ‘Detective Bumrah: The Missing Man’ revolves around two detectives Bumrah (Sudhanshu Rai) and Sam (Raghav Jhingaran). They are both playing chess together one day. As usual, Bumrah defeats his friend Sam. After this, Sam tells him a story. According to him, a man who lives in the mansion jumps from the roof to give his life, but disappears into thin air. Bumrah and Sam arrive at Rupam Haveli in Rajasthan to spy on him. There, the hotel staff and manager tell them the whole story. According to him, the missing person is suddenly found in a locked room of that heritage hotel. When an attempt is made to interrogate him, he disappears into thin air after jumping from the roof of that mansion. When everyone fails to find him, the detective is called. As usual, Bumrah in his interesting style along with his friend Sam get involved in solving this mystery.

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Watch the first episode of the Detective Boomrah web series…

At the launch of the web series ‘Detective Bumrah’ trailer, its actor and director Sudhanshu Rai had said, “Detective Bumrah is a character I created years ago and since then my audience has loved him very much. Also unlike the iconic character As a detective, Detective Bumrah transcends geographical, celestial or real obstacles, and is able to see things that go beyond ordinary thought. This is the X factor that differentiates Detective Bumrah from other contemporary characters. What differentiates us. Indian audiences have rarely seen such content and concepts before. We are confident that with the character of Detective Bumrah, we will live up to the exciting expectations of our audience and fans.” However, Sudhanshu Rai does not appear to be 100 percent compliant. Because if we are just talking about YouTube, then channels like TVF i.e. The Viral Fever offer great content one by one. Based on that, they are now ruling OTT.

It is true that manufacturers like Sudhanshu Rai lack resources. They lack the necessary money. There is no great financier, but it is also true that content is no longer sold on the internet. If you have guts in your content and performance, you can become a superstar overnight. However, Sudhanshu and his team have done their best. It has stood the test of story and acting, but it has been killed on the technical level. Looking at the web series, many times it seems that the way the TV series was filmed 20 years ago, it has been filmed the same way. Dubbing and editing are also not smooth. The southern and mouth lips are sometimes seen and heard separately. The location has been corrected according to history. As grand as the mansion looks, it also looks mysterious. The shooting may have taken place in Bulandshahr, UP, but the Rajasthan aspect is clearly visible. In general, it can be seen once.

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