Dhoni’s 5 decisions change the face of Indian cricket!

Captain MS Dhoni was on another level. Dhoni, who makes crucial decisions in the party, has led India to many adventurous victories. Sometimes it can be achieved by showing personal superiority or by trusting peers. Dhoni has made some seemingly abandoned games look like wizards. Magic can be a change in bowling, a change in the field, or a change in batting order. So, let us know about some Dhoni decisions.

1. Final of the champions trophy

In the final of the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, Dhoni made a surprising decision by throwing pacemaker Ishant Sharma in 18th. India scored 129 runs in 20 overs due to rain. Pursuing the goal, England lost ground, but victory was almost certain. However, Dhoni invited Ishant Sharma to pitch the 18.

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Ishant is a bowler who has no control over awarding runs in limited overs cricket. But Dhoni didn’t look at him. Ishant launched. Ravi Bopara and Owen Morgan were on it. The Indian team won the Champions Trophy for the first time.

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2. Final of the World Cup T20 2007


Dhoni’s first big decision as captain was at the 2007 T20 World Cup. India set a goal of 157 against Pakistan in the final and won the toss and chose to hit. Despite Pakistan losing land, Captain Misbah-ul-Haq held firm. In the 18th, Harbhajan Singh hit three sixes to help Misbah control the match.

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If you score 16 runs in the last over, you can win. Rather than give Harbhajan one more, Dhoni handed the ball to inexperienced Joginder Sharma. First ball to six! Aim for 9 of 5 balls. However, Misbah’s second attempt of six fell to Sreesanth. India wins first T20 title

3. In the 2011 World Cup final


The 2011 World Cup was the last match to see Dhoni’s heroism. Chasing Sri Lanka’s goal of 275 at Wankhede, India fell to 114 by three. After the expulsion of Virat Kohli, Dhoni reached the fold and scored 91 not out of 79 balls. The winning runs were scored with six flyers.

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Dhoni, who was supposed to be in seventh position, was moving up in the higher order. While Gautam Gambhir was in the fold, Dhoni’s decision not to send a second-hand Yuvraj Singh to the room changed the tide. In the left-right combination, India jumped to the target.

4. Virat Kohli captain position


He has managed to inspire all the players on the team that Dhoni captained. It can be said that Dhoni mentioned many of the older players that the Indian team now sees. It was done when it was time to hand over the captaincy to Virat Kohli. Dhoni retired from Test cricket in 2014 and remained with the ODI team until the 2019 World Cup.

5. Rohit Sharma was the starter


Rohit Sharma began his career with the Indian team as a mid-level hitter. When it was difficult to find a way, Dhoni opened Rohit for the first time. The move occurred at the ICC Champions Trophy. Rohit and Shikhar dhavaneappam India were the best opening couple he came across. Rohit set new records in international cricket by scoring twice as many centuries. Rohit thanks Dhoni for his career.

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