Didn’t he send The Kashmir Files to the Oscars, the jury was scared, Modi on the defensive, and the opposition won?

If Hollywood, which has been continually rejecting mainstream-made Indian movies due to dance songs and nonsensical fake action, suddenly starts praising a racy movie, then there is something black on the pulse. In the popular stream, unknown to the work and name of all the actors like Devanand, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Mohanlal and Mammootty, Hollywood suddenly becomes a fan of SS Rajamouli and Jr NTR because of a single movie ‘RRR’, then should be accepted- Yes, there is some black in the dal.

That too when the most powerful faction in Bollywood and their whole propaganda system have been calling SS Rajamouli’s cinema a ‘circus’. It will be recalled that in the South vs. Bollywood debate, films by Rajamouli or similar filmmakers, including Bahubali, have been called Hollywood knock-offs. Amidst such debates, RRR’s sudden Oscar praise from a filmmaker like Anurag Kashyap is enough to make RRR think a lot. Under the guise of Ram Gopal Varma, the objections of some Bollywood filmmakers are also brought to light that despite many efforts, KGF 2 could not bear the story of the helpless feet of the south. Even though it has been equally liked across the country and it is also the highest grossing Indian film of the year so far. Have you forgotten that jokes about Rajinikanth’s stunts were made in movies in areas other than the South for a long time?

If in such an environment, Hollywood filmmakers, Western media and a host of international organizations and organizations, who do not seem to have even a far-fetched connection with movies, are attracted to an Indian film made in the mainstream and Bollywood too, so things But there are many points to stop and think about. Following the arrival of RRR director Rajamouli for various shows under the guise of RRR in New York, the Film Federation almost hastily announced India’s official entry into the 2023 Oscars. Three days before this, we can better understand some things from the analysis present in iChowk. if you want by clicking here I can read.

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Anupam Kher.

The jury had no better film than The Kashmir Files in terms of overall dialogue

So. This year there were many Indian language movies in the race for Oscar 2023. It had movies in all languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati etc. In this, he has won a “Chello Show” made in Gujarati. Chello Show is a good film in its texture, but it was not discussed until a day ago. In fact, after the release of The Kashmir Files, the kind of debate that arose among Indians around the world was natural and decided that the Film Federation jury for the coveted award could hardly see a better film than this. . Kashmir Files is a film made on the Oscar scale. In all aspects. So far, only a few movies that have gone to the Oscars are stronger than Kashmir Files in terms of “global dialogue”. In the film’s backdrop, the area that has been the biggest cause of unrest in the Indian subcontinent for the last eight decades.

After the abrogation of section 370, Kashmir is not a problem in India today. It may be that even if elections are held, Rahul Gandhi will not be willing to bring his Bharat Jodo Yatra to Gujarat. But after the Gujarat elections, when he ends his tour after arriving in Kashmir, he becomes a major issue in Indian politics again. Nothing can be said for sure about this now. But as far as the international fuss over Kashmir is concerned, with the cooperation of China, Pakistan is still doing its best to make it an international issue. It is getting good support from the Arabs, Central Asia and all the other powerful Western allies and their gangs who specialize in diplomacy.

The films that were in the running for the Oscars are not that their content is weak. It’s not like the movies in the running were naturally capable of stopping ‘The Kashmir Files’. And it’s not that RRR is weak for being a racy movie on the popular stream. Indian tradition at the Oscars dictates that when Bollywood movies like Reshma and Shera, Hina, Guru, Devdas (with Shah Rukh Khan), Eklavya: The Royal Guard and Gully Boy, which are nothing short of rubbish, can go to the Oscars . If so, then RRR is much more powerful and a much better movie. There were no restrictions on The Kashmir Files for film purposes. The obstacles were political and the crisis was not from the jury but from politics and government. One should not hesitate to say that the government is on the defensive. He has the ability to deal with the adverse situation arising from Covid, Russia war, Ukraine and all international reasons, but the local compulsions of politics forced him.

The compulsions of the South stopped the path of Kashmir Files

In fact, the atmosphere shown in favor of RRR to stop The Kashmir Files sucked. Rajamouli and the team got caught up in it. They went ahead with the claim filed by force. He joined the campaign that is carried out with him. He maybe he didn’t know much about purposes other than the Oscars. Now, if a mainstream actor and director are to be nominated for Oscars, why wouldn’t he want to go if he gets international recognition? Sometimes the appeal of individual achievements outweighs the collective achievements of society. The same thing happened in the case of The Kashmir Files and RRR. I think this must have been a big topic of conversation between Amit Shah when he met Telugu stars including Jr NTR in Hyderabad. But suddenly the choice of the Gujarati film makes it clear that there were no talks between Shah and NTR or others then. The Chello show is the result of that.

jury and government The Kashmir Archives he might as well ship. But the way RRR was set up in front of him, the chance for political damage was high. The narrative of the North-South conflict has not ended to date. The BJP, however, has been fighting for decades to gain a foothold in the south. Its roots are visible only in the southern state of Karnataka. His efforts are underway for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In such a situation, the team of Modi and Shah must have feared that the Telugu identity would take on the BJP by rejecting RRR.

This is exactly what would have happened after choosing The Kashmir Files. This is what the political narrative says. The debate over the nationalism of the BJP would have been confused with a North-South debate. Due to its theme and content, RRR would also receive support from Uttar. Because viewers of The Kashmir Files and RRR seem to be standing on almost the same ground. Naturally, this would have been detrimental in every way for the BJP’s politics, not only in the South but also in all regions of the North. One section would have gotten all options after not selecting RRR vs. The Kashmir Files. Now that Kashmir Files has not been selected and another regional language film (whose content is excellent) has been selected from the unpopular broadcast, there is no question of creating such a debate under the guise of RRR.

And no one can even say that the Gujarat Modi government has chosen the Chello program because of the Gujarat assembly elections. Because at present the BJP does not see the need for any Chello show to win Gujarat.

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