Dil ko teri hello tamanna, dil ko tujhse hello love … Goodbye Dilip sahab!

There is only silence in the room. Fingers rub on the keyboard, but a melody rings in the ears and Mukesh is singing, Dilip Sahab’s face floating in front of his eyes. Those eyes, that smile, that performance. The lyrics of the song are: One day we will suffocate in such a desert, no matter how much we call, we will not return. The reel of the cassette being played in the mind is stuck here, the same words echoing over and over again. Children of the 21st century will not understand that the cassette reel gets stuck, they will understand that they used to hold their breath and gently pull it out and when everything was fine, they used to breathe. Your era was a golden age in the world of cinema, Dilip sahib.

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As was the performance, it can be said that no one is like Dilip Kumar, and no one will be ahead.

Leaving home at 18, selling sandwiches for a living, becoming Yusuf Khan’s Dilip Kumar out of fear of his father, making love a lot, pleading in front of Mehbooba but then telling her that if you didn’t go today, I’ll go back to you. I won’t come So give heart to that girl whose stubbornness you are and become her forever.

Recording love on the screen in such a way that when Devdas gasped for breath, people’s hearts would shake. Not only this, they call you King of Tragedy. You taught me to love, you taught me to love, you taught me to be in love, you taught me to accept everything in love and you created a unique love course in the cinema.

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Today that Salim has gone, in whose aspect a Kaneez Anarkali was made, in whose association the Anarkali would have been Mallika-e-Hindustan.

The heart is your only wish, the heart has love only for you

Come or not, we are waiting for you …

You were filled with love in the heartbeat of the young India, you love the one before whom the sultanate was rejected, you love the one for whom heads rested in shamshir. Love is the one that keeps running through the veins and whose love remains in the world. When Dilip Kumar raised his eyelids, he did not know how many girls would have become Anarkali, Devdas, suffering from the urge to drink alcohol, did not know how many heartbeats had been altered. Your reward was unmatched, you yourself lived an entire era of cinema that will live forever in the love of India.

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