Dilip Kumar-Raj Kapoor’s friendship with ‘Jigri’ soured

Bollywood King of Tragedy Dilip Kumar said goodbye to the world at the age of 98. Dilip Sahab, who started his Bollywood career with the movie ‘Jwar Bhata’ in 1944, became famous with the movie ‘Jugnu’ in 1947. He worked in many blockbuster films such as ‘Shaheed’, ‘Andaz’ , ‘Daag’, ‘Deedar’, ‘Madhumati’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Musafir’, ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Aan’, ‘Azad’. Dilip Kumar, who gave more than one movie in his 5-decade career, was also known for his personable nature along with his superior performance. His friendship with the showman of the film industry, Raj Kapoor, was considered one of the strongest. Both friends may have said goodbye to the world, but the stories of their friendship and enmity are still discussed.

Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor have a close association with ‘Jad’. The roots of these veteran film industry actors are in Pakistan. He was born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Peshawar, British India) of Pakistan. Now you see by coincidence that in two neighboring houses in Peshawar’s Kasago Gali, both stars were born with a span of only two years and their storytelling time was listened to with great interest. One left this world saying “Positively, not the end”. The other said goodbye, playing the invented character nailed to the dawn of his memory written with great vigor. There was a lot of friendship between the two, who wanted to play diligently, but who could avoid being, when the differences turned into enmity, they also played it with great enthusiasm.

Dilip Kumar had refused to work together on Raj Kapoor’s film “Sangam.”

There are few similarities between these two friends, but even after having a very different frame of mind, the love between them never waned. They were fierce rivals with each other. When there was enmity, he also used to play politely. They both even fell in love with each other. Stuck in a love triangle twice. But every time they met after losing that love, they misinterpreted that pain in laughter. Producer and director Mehboob Khan’s famous movie ‘Andaz’ was based on the love triangle. Both friends worked on this movie. But this turned out to be his last movie. After this, the distance between the two increased so much that Dilip Sahab rejected Raj Kapoor’s proposal to work on the movie ‘Sangam’. The “reason” for this widened the gap between them.

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Father said, ‘What kind of pathan is he who works as a slave?’

Dilip Kumar’s real name is Muhammad Yusuf Khan. His father, Lala Ghulam Sarwar, and Raj Kapoor’s father, Prithviraj Kapoor, used to be neighbors. There was also a very good friendship between them. Dilip Sahab’s home father never wanted his son to go to the movies. He used to say to his friend Prithviraj Kapoor: “You are a Pathan, working as a bhandon.” Both families emigrated to India during the partition. Prithviraj Kapoor started working for the film industry in Mumbai. Raj Kapoor used to help his father in film production alongside studies. He also told Dilip Sahab: “You also come to the cinema.” But then he refused and said: ‘You go, your father is doing it too, you will go too.’

Thus began the film career of Raj and Dilip Sahab

Dilip Kumar was drawn to the film industry by his father’s refusal and even unintentionally himself. When he met the bold and beautiful Devikarani actress of his time, he invited her to work in films. Thus, in the year 1944, Devikarani from Bombay Talkies first introduced Yusuf Khan in the movie ‘Jwarbhata’ under the name of Dilip Kumar. On the other hand, Raj Kapoor began his film career with the movie ‘Gauri’ in 1943. However, in 1935, he also played a child character in the movie Inquilab. In this way, the two veteran actors born in a difference of just two years began their film careers in a span of just one year. But it took 5 years to get together.

They were seen together for the first and last time in the movie ‘Andaz’.

In the year 1949, the producer and director Mehboob Khan started a movie, whose name was ‘Andaz’. This movie was based on the love triangle. In this, Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor were cast along with actress Nargis. This was the first film in which the two veteran actors appeared together. But unfortunately, it also turned out to be his last film. During the filming of this film, a scene was shot in which Raj Kapoor had to lightly hit Dilip Kumar with a racket. But Raj hit Dilip in such a way that there were deep indigo marks on his body. Mehboob Khan came running, but Dilip Kumar remained silent. Following this, it was reported in the newspapers the next day that Raj had intentionally killed Dileep. The story of the known enmity between two close friends was read a lot.

When the roads parted, a ‘showman’ became a ‘king of tragedy’

After many days of this incident, Dilip sahib said that nothing like this had happened. But no clarification came from Raj Kapoor. Now anyone can understand what it means, but the conversation between the two continued to decline. So little that it almost stopped in later days. They both began to advance on their respective path. He reached his own position. Both became legends of the world of cinema. Raj Kapoor became the showman of the film industry, while Dilip Kumar became the king of Bollywood tragedy. This was the period when ego clashes began to occur among movie stars. They began to avoid making movies together. But in this period Raj Kapoor made a good effort. About 15 years after the Andaz movie, Raj Kapoor was making the movie ‘Sangam’ under his banner. There were two heroes in this. Raj offered Dileep a role.

The mutual fight reached the peak at the peak of the race.

Dilip Kumar refused to work on Raj Kapoor’s film Sangam. After this, Raj Kapoor gave this role to Rajendra Kumar. This movie turned out to be a huge success. This movie gave a lot of advantage in Rajendra’s career. Under the pretext of the film Sangam, Raj wanted to meet his friend Yusuf again, but he did not agree, perhaps he had not forgotten the insult of the time of ‘Andaz’. That humiliation sowed such a seed of enmity between friends that the two could never eliminate. The 50s and 60s witnessed the rivalry of two of the greatest artists. In this age, all eyes were on Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. They were both at the peak of their careers, so the fight between them was also in full swing. However, in later years as an actor, Dilip surpassed Raj.

Such a ‘Jigri Dosti’ story from ‘Known Enemies’

One last anecdote, which is an emotional story of close friendship with known enemies. Raj Kapoor slipped into a coma at the end of his life before dying due to cardiac arrest. At that time Dilip Kumar had gone to Pakistan for a program. Upon his return from there, when he learned of Raj Saheb’s health, he went directly to the hospital. They saw Raj unconscious on the bed. He took Raj Kapoor’s hand in his and said, ‘Woh Lale Di Jaan, even today I was late, forgive me yaara.’ Since childhood, Dilip sahib used to address Raj Kapoor affectionately as Lale Di Jaan. She recounted all her childhood memories to the unconscious Raj. From the Peshawar market to the fragrance of kebabs. But Raj Sahib did not get up. The Bollywood showman had said “Positively Not The End” forever. It seemed as if he was waiting for his friend Yusuf.

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