Dilip Kumar’s big family, some became an actor, some served in Ajmer Sharif

Main characteristics:

  • Dilip Kumar was born in a Muslim family in Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • Dilip Kumar’s father owned an orchard in Peshawar and used to sell fruits to support his family.
  • The eldest sister Sakina was unmarried and spent her last days serving in Ajmer Sharif.

Bollywood’s most famous and popular actor Dilip Kumar has passed away at the age of 98. Dilip Kumar breathed his last at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. Also do you know how big is Dilip Kumar’s family? Apart from Dilip Kumar, there are few actors in the family.

Dilip Kumar was born in a Muslim family in Peshawar, Pakistan. He was born to Lala Ghulam Sarwar (father) and Ayesha Begum (mother). He was a fruit merchant. Dilip Kumar’s father had a garden in Peshawar and he supported the family by selling fruits. Dilip Kumar, one of the 12 siblings, spent his childhood in financial trouble.

Dilip Kumar had 6 brothers including Nasir Khan, Ahsan Khan, Aslam Khan, Noor Mohammad and Ayub Sarwar. While Dilip Kumar had 6 sisters named Faizia Khan, Sakina Khan, Taj Khan, Fariza Khan, Saida Khan and Akhtar Asif.


Dilip Kumar’s mother Ayesha Begum had asthma and died in 1948. Then in 1950 the father died. After the death of the father, the responsibility of the family fell on Dilip Kumar and elder sister Sakina took over the house. It is learned that Sakina was not married and spent her last days serving in Ajmer Sharif.


Dilip Kumar’s brother Ayub died in 1954 due to illness. Noor Mohamed died in 1991. Like Dilip Kumar, his brother Nasir Khan was also a film actor. He had 2 marriages with Suraiya and Begum Para. He died of a heart attack in Amritsar in 1976.

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Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Ahisaan Khan died in the first wave of Corona in September 2020 last year. He was 92 years old. Dilip Kumar and his younger brother Aslam Khan passed away on 21 August at the age of 88 before Ahsaan Khan.

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