Dilip Kumar’s real name was Mohammad Yusuf Khan, accused of being a ‘Pakistani spy’

Main characteristics:

  • Actor Dilip Kumar is known as the first superstar of Bollywood.
  • In the 1960s, the police raided the house of Dilip Kumar.
  • Dilip Kumar has been accused of being a Pakistani spy.

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who was called Bollywood’s first superstar, died on Wednesday morning. He was 98 years old and had been ill for a long time. Dilip Kumar was active in films, but has been a supporter of the ideology of Congress and Jawaharlal Nehru since independence. However, there was a time when Dilip Kumar was accused of being a Pakistani spy.

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Dilip Kumar was a Muslim by birth and his name was Muhammad Yusuf Khan. He was once suspected of being a Pakistani spy in the 1960s. The Calcutta Police had arrested a Pakistani spy at that time. In his diary there were names of big people including Dilip Kumar. In the investigation of the case, the Calcutta Police felt that Dilip Kumar may be related to the detective and raids were conducted at his house. However, nothing suspicious was found from his residence.

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After the raid, various speculations started being made about Dilip Kumar. It was rumored that a radio transmitter was found on the ground in Dilip Kumar’s house and that he was one of the leaders of Pakistan’s Muslim spies in the film industry. But all these speculations were completely false. Although Dilip Kumar was born in Pakistan, he was always Pakistani at heart. When Pakistan conferred on him the title of Nishan-e-Imtiaz, he consulted the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee before accepting the honour.

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