Dilip sahib will remain in my heart, let’s talk about Saira’s love …

Dilip Saab no longer exists! A great actor who ruled millions of hearts is gone. The eyes of the whole country are wet today. At this moment the caravan of memories related to him would be floating in everyone’s eyes. In such a situation, the idea of ​​Saira Banu makes me uneasy. What must be going on in the heart of Saira whose love parted from her today? Seeing ‘Ude Jab Jab Zulfen Teri …’, the hearts of many virgins must have been impressed. But he didn’t have the vigor that Saira had in mind. That was not the desire with which the bride begins to adore her lover. That was not the madness in which nothing else could be understood except Mehboob.

It is said that Kishori Saira was a fan of Dilip Kumar from the beginning. When watching her movies, Saira’s heart used to beat like any fan’s for her favorite artist. But Saira had written this life in his name. Consider it the goodness of luck or the luck of that girl who one day came to see this love of yours. He also made his home in the same world where his love ruled for years.

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The specialty of the Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano couple was that they are both made for each other.

I think those moments, when this girl must have seen the love grow in her heart before her eyes for the first time. Seeing an image in the heart come to life as a human made of flesh and blood, he wouldn’t know how many times he would be ashamed. That rosy-cheeked face must have even tilted its lids in embarrassment.

How beautiful that moment will be, when a lover must have come to know that today she will become the lover of the prince of her dreams and hum the sweet love songs with him. He must not have slept that night, when Dilip Saab would have first held his hand. Of course, the chills and throbbing he felt at the time were not part of any script. That glowing face noor must not have been infatuated with any makeup. Where was this girl acting like a girlfriend? Whatever was happening was his Tabeer-e-Khwab.

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What is the meaning of dreams coming true, only Saira understands. The love that Saira made until her lover’s last breath. Always holding her hand, wherever she went, the shadow of Saira’s loving gaze stayed with her. Many will be found who tell how love is made. But how does love live, this Dilip addict? He asks this girl.

Saira trusted Dilip Kumar even when her love was hurt. It is said that in 1981, Dilip Kumar secretly married Asma Rehman of Hyderabad. When this was revealed, there was an uproar. In two years, Dilip Kumar distanced himself from that marriage. Saira only said in an interview that Dilip sahib assured me by swearing in the Quran. And I trust his words. Dilip Sahab has also called his relationship with Asam his “big mistake” in his autobiography.

It is the love of Saira, whose magnet did not let her love go. It is said that she also adored them so that no one would notice. Whatever science says, you can’t compete with the beauty of this feeling! The heart says that Saira’s love is gone. When I think again, I feel that love is immortal. She is not going anywhere!

Yes, the lucky person who felt unrequited love left. The prince who ruled Saira’s heart left. A dream drenched in love has taken its last breath today, it has closed its eyes.

Goodbye, Dilip Saab! Our love has come to you.

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