Director Kabir Khan is not happy with the portrayal of Mughals in films, says he is the real nation builder

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  • The director of Bajrangi Bhaijaan is in the news due to a controversial statement.
  • Kabir Khan said that Mughals are the real builders of the nation, don’t make them villains.
  • Kabir Khan is upset with the portrayal of Mughals in films, advises research

Kabir Khan, the director of superhit films like Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, is in discussion due to one of his statements. Kabir Khan, who has made films like Kabul Express on the situation in Afghanistan, said in an interview that Mughals are the real nation builders. Not only this, he has also expressed displeasure over the portrayal of Bollywood in films.

Kabir Khan said, “It bothers me a lot.” Unfortunately this is being done only because of a popular belief. However, Kabir Khan said, filmmakers do a lot of research on their subject and focus on one particular thing, so there can be different opinions and perspectives. In an interview, Kabir Khan said, “If you want to misrepresent Mughals in films, please do research first and come up with a script based on solid evidence.” Explain to the audience why this is true? Prove on the basis of facts why he is portrayed as a villain.

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If you read history it would be difficult to understand why he is portrayed as a villain in the end. I think he was the original nation builder and he should not just show that he converted people, he did this, he did that, he was a murderer, etc. On what basis are you talking about this? Please give some historical evidence. Kabir Khan further said, do not go ahead with the idea of ​​what is being said, what is popular. This is the easiest thing to do today.

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It is a sad thing to misrepresent the Mughals as well as other Muslim rulers at different times in the history of India. I cannot respect such films. But this is my personal opinion. I cannot speak as a large audience.

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It is worth noting that in a recent Bollywood film, Mughals have been shown in Padmavat, Tanaji and Panipat. He was also accused of tampering with historical facts during the release of the film. Saif Ali Khan, who became the villain in the film after the release of Tanhaji, also said that not all the facts depicted in the film are true.

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