Do you have stomach problems if you consume milk and dairy products? There is a solution


  • Lactose intolerance occurs when the lactose component in milk is not fully digested.
  • There are a few ways to overcome this. Meet these powders.

Lactose intolerance or lactose intolerance means that you cannot fully digest the lactose sugar in dairy products or that you are allergic to them. Most lactose intolerant people can control this problem without giving up milk and dairy products entirely.

Lactose intolerance is never fatal, although allergic reactions can be bothersome and sometimes painful. Reactions can include: abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, and nausea. These symptoms can occur between half an hour and two hours after consuming milk and dairy products. You may know of some remedies that can help combat this problem.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is good for relieving stomach pain. Half an hour to an hour before eating or drinking any dairy product, add some lemon juice and honey to a glass of water and try to find out if it prevents stomach pain.

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Fennel and cumin

Fennel is a plant that has been used for various problems for centuries. In this case, it will work as an ideal solution in case the body is lactose intolerant and will help eliminate most of the reactions and pain that your body experiences. Fennel is easy to use for lactose intolerance problem.

Chew fennel seeds after meals. If you are interested, you can add it and make tea. Instead of chewing a teaspoon of fennel, add these seeds to boiling water, leave them for ten minutes, and drink this drink three times a day.

Cocoa powder

Coconut powder helps improve digestion. Eat dark chocolate that is high in cocoa content or add some cocoa powder and sugar before every meal.

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Chamomile Tea

It is an effective herb and this flower works wonderfully to balance stomach acids. Drink chamomile tea twice a day to see if it works.

Camphor mint tea

Camphor peppermint tea is incredibly beneficial in reducing stomach pain. If you experience flatulence, bloating, or abdominal pain after consuming milk and dairy products, try drinking a cup of black peppermint tea for relief.

Don’t hold the gas

If you have flatulence after eating milk and dairy products, never try to hold it back. The accumulation of gas in the abdomen will make abdominal pain worse, so holding it does not appear to be a cure.


Pumpkin is high in fiber and good for reducing flatulence. Whenever you eat milk and dairy products, try to eat about a cup of pumpkin before meals. There are many ways to make pumpkin using this, and there are countless spices that you can add to it. Making pumpkin pie at home is even better.

Chew food

One of the easiest ways to prevent flatulence is to chew your food better. Sometimes stomach food is difficult to digest due to the accumulation of air in the stomach. The more you chew the food you eat, the easier it will be for your body to digest it and you will not have any problems related to flatulence.

You can make mint tea and know the benefits

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