Do you see Big Boss? people gave funny answers

Staring at Bigg Boss 15 like some crime happened, bro. Sneha expressed all her anger as soon as she called Misa. What happened? Why are you so hot? Don’t ask man, today everyone at the university found out that I see Big Boss, hearing this, everyone’s mouth was rotten, as if he had committed some crime. While all of them had all the information about the episodes so far. I’ve seen how he sees Bigg Boss sitting in the corner with headphones on, but when I told him about today’s episode he reacted like she was such a bad girl …

This is not just Sneha’s story. When we travel on the subway and at that moment you see someone looking at Big Boss on their mobile, then people start looking at him. Does seeing Bigg Boss make someone a bad person? It is your own choice. After all, on what basis do people judge the Bigg Boss watcher? They only watch for their entertainment. In this way, even if we watch crime movies, do we become murderers?

Which is such a series on OTT today that does not contain nudity and obscenity. It is the same that you will eat chicken but without garlic, onion, adding only asafoetida, cumin and green coriander. By the way, do people watch devotional videos on mobile after recharging the net and taking a corner? Well just ask …

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Is Bigg Boss’s popularity waning?

Has anyone asked you if you watch Bigg Boss? You must remember their reaction to your answer. If you had said, don’t you see, then he must have responded with a laugh: Oh, I’m staying away too. Even though viewers secretly watch Big Boss on mobile, but if you ask, his answer is hilarious. Although a lot of people don’t really see …

By the way, if no one is looking, how come the TRP gets so high? Are people in real life a milk wash? Fights and fights happen in Bigg Boss, don’t they happen in real life? Although it is true that obscenity should not be served and Bigg Boss is not as real as before. A lot of people don’t watch the show right now because of this as well.

Look, when we asked some friends if you watch Bigg Boss, what was their response?

Reena says that I am a fan of Bigg Boss and that I watch this show just to entertain myself. It has nothing to do with my personal life. However, when the people in my office found out about this, they couldn’t believe that I was actually watching this show. It seems that the viewer of this program should bring a clarification with his answer.

At the same time, Meena says she can’t see, because everyone looks so bad. People are preoccupied in the same way in their life, so now they don’t feel like seeing Kalesh even on TV shows.

On the other hand, Sarita doesn’t watch this show either. He feels that for no reason everyone is still screaming and fighting. Sometimes I get very irritated if I see it by mistake. Say this is a reality show, but now everything is written, everything is drama.

Diya says I don’t like watching Big Boss at all, because abusive words are used in it. All private life is kept open to the public. What is the use of watching a television program like this, in which there is even a fight, accusing each other a lot? On what basis does the winner win? This is beyond comprehension.

Nia says I’ll see new ones. It looks like shit, it’s a waste of time. There was also no entertainment. It is better to only watch many old series.

Rajeev says no, I don’t see Bigg Boss. In Bigg Boss, in the name of entertainment, fights, abuse and to some extent just show nudity. Where entertainment is lacking. What you can’t see at all with your family. In the current age, in which we are heading towards the single life, Bigg Boss is working to promote it and promote open nudity by erasing our culture and thinking.

Well, a lot of people really like this show. Many like their previous seasons but not the current ones. There is something that people everywhere are opposed to … Creators should probably pay attention to these things. By the way, those who like this show don’t want to miss an episode. Well, what is your opinion on this?

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