Dobaaraa Trailer: Anurag Kashyap-Taapsee Pannu Movie Mystery Adventure Looks Tremendous!

The psychological thriller is a special audience of the cinema, which is very fond of films in this category. Usually, these crime-based movies are full of mystery and adventure, so the audience is very entertained. One such psychological thriller will be released in theaters on August 19. The trailer for this movie ‘Dobaara’, directed by Anurag Kashyap, has been released today. It stars Taapsee Pannu and Pavel Gulati in the lead roles.

After a long time, the couple of Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu are working together for a movie. Both of them have previously worked for the movie ‘Manmarziyaan’. The movie had an average performance, but after watching the ‘Dobaara’ trailer, it is sure that the movie is going to entertain the audience tremendously.

Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu are working together after the movie ‘Manmarziyaan’.

Anyway, more female-oriented movies shoot Taapsee Pannu. He does better in theme-based movies than romantic, multi-star movies. Pick movies like Pink (2016), Mulk (2018), Badal (2018), Game Over (2019), and Thappad (2020) and you’ll be on the safe side. In such films, the heat of Taapsee’s performance comes to the fore. The movie ‘Dobaara’ is also seen in a similar movie. In this, Taapsee is in the leading role.

Taapsee’s character tries to solve a murder case that happened 26 years ago. During this time, he has the chance to change that event by going into the past, so his future changes as well. In this completely mind-blowing story, Pavel Gulati plays the role of a police officer. Previously Pavel Gulati and Taapsee Pannu worked on the film ‘Thappad’. Their chemistry was excellent in this movie.

The 2 minute 10 second trailer for ‘Dobaara’, the Hindi remake of the Spanish film ‘Miraj’ (2018), shows Antara (Taapsee Pannu) moving to a new home in a new city with her husband and her baby. After coming here, strange things begin to happen to him. She one day she watches a TV and a camera at home. She asks her husband to take her. Those people turn on the TV, then a little boy appears on it. The type of room he is sitting in is exactly the same as Antara’s room.

Watch the trailer for the movie Dobaaraa…

She is surprised by this. Her husband does not believe her words, but a friend of hers tells him that 26 years ago a murder occurred in the bungalow right across from her house. After this, Antara and the boy who appears on television begin to see each other. This greatly disturbs Antara. She goes to the past to discover the truth. After going there, she gets to know the secret of the murder case. The story of the film is based on a Spanish film but has been adapted to the Indian setting.

We tell you that the film ‘Dobaara’ got the status of Opening Film at Melbourne Indian Film Festival 2022. It will be shown in Melbourne on 12th August before its theatrical release. Previously, this film was shown at the London Film Festival. Not only this, the film was also screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival where it was highly praised. Now it will be interesting to see how the film fares at the box office amid the South Cinema tsunami.

As for the interpretation of Taapsee Pannu’s films, five of his films have been released this year. ‘Dobaara’ will be his sixth film which will be released on August 19. These films include Haseen Dilruba, Annabelle Sethupathi, Rashmi Rocket, Loop Lapeta, Mission Impossible, and Shabas Mithu. In this one, except Shabas Mithu, all the films have been released on OTT. By the way, the movie ‘Dobaara’ also seems to be the OTT content. But Anurag Kashyap is going to release it in theaters due to box office infatuation.

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