These arguments of the lawyer got Aryan Khan released from jail

salient feature:

  • Eminent lawyer Mukul Rohatgi argued on behalf of Aryan Khan in the Bombay High Court.
  • Aryan Khan finally got bail after spending 25 days in jail
  • Apart from Aryan Khan, his friends Arbaaz Merchant and Moonmoon Dhamecha also got bail.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan finally got bail on Thursday after spending 25 days in jail in a drug case. Apart from Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Moonmoon Dhamecha have also got bail. Eminent lawyer Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for Aryan, presented the arguments in the Bombay High Court.

“Arbaaz didn’t know what Arbaaz was carrying, suppose he knew, but the biggest allegation being leveled against us is that it is collectively commercial,” Rohatgi said on Thursday. He has been linked to the conspiracy. Section 27A has not been invoked against me. Aryan is accused of conspiring with 5-8 people, all of whom had commercial quantities of drugs.

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There were 1300 people on the cruise and there was only connection between Aryan and Arbaaz. There was no conspiracy in the conspiracy that has been alleged because nobody knew anybody. There was no talk that they would meet and take drugs, it was a conspiracy. If there are people in different rooms in a hotel and they are smoking then everyone in the hotel is involved in the conspiracy? He said there was no evidence to call the case a conspiracy.

Aryan Khan knew only Arbaaz and no one else. It is true that it is difficult to prove that everyone’s brains were already met. But the facts cannot be ignored, Rohatgi said.

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Anil Singh argued on behalf of NCB that this is not the first time that Aryan Khan has taken drugs. He has been consuming it for many years. We have evidence that he was providing drugs. We have argued for conscious possession. If two people are together and one person knows that the other person has and uses drugs, the case will be against the first person as well. Aryan has been Arbaaz’s friend since childhood. They went there together. Had to stay in the same room. They are arguing that we did not do a medical test to report seven. We are talking only about the medicines available here.

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“We have two panchnamas of Moonmoon Dhamecha, Nupur and Mohki,” he said. The sole gardener of drugs is a commercial one. There were a variety of drugs on the cruise. The cruise was of two days. It was not intended for personal use, as the dosage was high and there were many drugs. That’s why we have imposed section 28 and 29.

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