Duranga Web Series Review: ‘Duranga’ is a great ‘psychological’ series!

Whenever it is a psychological crime thriller, the excitement of the audience rises. Cinema made in this category is considered full of mystery and emotion. Previously, more such films and series were produced in Hollywood. But since the 90s, Bollywood also started making films in this category, which has gained momentum after the arrival of OTT. There is a huge amount of psychological crime thriller series being produced. In this series you can see ‘Asura’, ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Auto Shankar’, ‘Mithya’, ‘The Last Hour’ and ‘Rudra – The Age of Darkness’. A new series has been included in this episode, whose name is ‘Duranga’. It can be viewed on the OTT platform Zee5.

The web series ‘Duranga’, directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Ejaz Khan, is a Hindi remake of the Korean show ‘Flower of Evil’. It stars Gulshan Devayya, Drishti Dhami, Divya Seth, Rajesh Khattar, Abhijit Khandelkar, Barkha Bist, Kiran Srinivas, and Sparsh Walia in major roles. Gulshan Devayya and Drashti Dhami are in the lead roles. Both are in the role of husband and wife. In it, actress Drishti Dhami, who was a superstar on the small screen, plays the role of a police officer for the first time. Previously, he was seen on the Disney Plus Hotstar series ‘The Empire’. Gulshan Devayya plays the role of a perfect husband and father, but his character is the most impressive, which is surprising.

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History of the Duranga web series

The story of ‘Duranga’ revolves around a criminal branch officer named Ira Jaikar Patel (Drishti Dhami). Ira’s husband, Samit Patel (Gulshan Devaiah), is an artist. His police officer wife can fulfill his responsibilities properly, so she takes responsibility for taking care of the family and children with her happiness. But a case comes in Ira’s life when she feels that her husband has some connection to the case that is related to her past. Ira is completely shocked to learn that how can the person she has been living with for the past 13 years be like this? In reality, an old woman is murdered in her house. Ira gets the investigation of this case. At the same time, Vikas Sarvadekar, a journalist, reveals that after 17 years this murder has happened in the same way that Abhishek Banne’s father Bala Banne (Zakir Hussain) used to do it.

Abhishek Banne himself is accused of the murder of the village sarpanch. But according to police records, he committed suicide in 2005. After some time, it is also revealed that Abhishek Banne is none other than Ira’s husband, Samit Patel. Anger with her team of Police Inspector Nikhil Pradhan (Kiran Srinivas) and Inspector Lakshya Ranade (Sparsh Walia) as the case progresses new things are revealed one after another. This also brings out an extreme of Samit, who comes and joins this murder case. Why does Samit Patel keep changing his name and identity from Goa to Mumbai? What does that have to do with the continuing murders? To know this you have to watch the series.

Duranga web series review

The era of remake is underway in Hindi cinema. OTT is no exception to this. A lot of foreign series are being remade in Hindi. Most of the series made especially in the psychological thriller category are inspired by some foreign series. In such a situation, the great challenge is to assimilate a foreign series and mold it according to the Indian culture while maintaining its original spirit. Goldie Behl, the creator of ‘Duranga’, has come true on this criteria. Charudatta Acharya has supported him very well. She has given life to the script and the dialogues. The couple of Pradeep Sarkar and Ejaz Khan have given excellent direction. Korean show ‘Flower of Evil’ has taken on the challenging task of showing the story of 16 episodes in 9 episodes. The level of excitement is maintained from the first to the last episode.

Regarding the acting performance of the stellar cast of the web series, each artist has tried to give their one hundred percent. The hard work of Gulshan Devaiah and Drishti Dhami is seen in the main character. Both the characters of Gulshan Devaiah Samit Patel and Abhishek Banne are completely opposite in nature, but they have done both characters justice. As innocuous as a simple father and husband, he is equally dangerous as a murderer. Drashti Dhami, who is playing the role of a police officer for the first time, looks very impressive. After wearing the uniform of a cultured-looking woman as a wife and daughter-in-law, it’s good to look amazed. Divya Seth, Rajesh Khattar, Abhijit Khandelkar and Barkha Bist have also done their respective characters justice.

Should I watch Duranga or not?

Overall, if a few shortcomings are ignored, then ‘Duranga’, which is airing on Zee5, is proving to be a great web series about psychopaths and serial killers, which can be binge-watched this weekend. As is clear from its title, it reveals a character who lives a double character, whose past and present are amazing. This series full of mystery and adventure is a must see.

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