Eight players closely associated with Krunal Pandya; The second T20 will be played today

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  • Kovid Negative, an Indian player close to Krunal
  • The second game of the India-Sri Lanka T20 series will be played on July 28
  • The Indian national team will return on July 30 after the tour of Sri Lanka

Colombo: All other players are concerned after Kovid 19 was confirmed for Indian team member Krunal Pandya for the series in Sri Lanka. Eight people have reportedly been in close contact with Krunal in recent days. The management of the Indian team said that all of them had undergone the RTPCR test and were found to be Kovid negative. They will also be tested in the next few days.

The second T20 match between India and Sri Lanka was postponed due to Krunal’s disease. The match was postponed to Wednesday after it emerged that Kovid was unaffected by the other players. The last game of the three-game series is Thursday. After the game, the members of the Indian team will return from Sri Lanka.

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Indian players who made it to the series in Sri Lanka underwent a series of rapid antigen tests. It was during this test that Krunal was diagnosed with the disease. With this, the other players were monitored. The players will also be evaluated on Wednesday. Krunal Pandya will have to be quarantined for 7 days. The player will not be able to play the remaining games of the series.

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Members of the Indian team will return from Sri Lanka on July 30. However, Krunal Pandya will return home only after his recovery. India won the opener of the T20 series by 38 runs. If India wins the second match on Wednesday, it can win the T20 series after the ODI series.

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