Eighth grade education, built in helicopter; The young man had a bad ending while trying to fly

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  • Accident while trying to pilot a helicopter.
  • The young man died in Mumbai.
  • Helicopter done Watch YouTube videos.

Mumbai – A young man was killed in an accident while trying to fly a self-made helicopter after watching YouTube videos. The deceased was identified as 24-year-old Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ibrahim. The helicopter crashed into the neck while trying to fly. The incident took place at Yavatmal in Mumbai.

Ismail, who only has an eighth grade education, came up with the idea to build a helicopter while working with his older brother in a welding shop. He decided to build a helicopter because he wanted his people to do something for themselves to gain international fame.

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Ismail’s friend Sachin Tendulkar said his decision was to build a single-seat helicopter. I learned information about the helicopter design from YouTube videos. The materials needed for the construction were collected in two years. The prototype of the single-seater helicopter was made and fitted with a Maruti 800 engine.

The construction was done with the desire to have the helicopter on display on Independence Day. As part of this, it was decided to conduct a test flight near the workshop on Tuesday night. Ismail managed to start the engine after sitting in the prepared seat in the helicopter. Helicopter wings have been shown to only give a sense of proportion. Tendulkar said Ismail was rushed to hospital with serious injuries but could not be rescued. The funeral took place on Wednesday.

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Police sought information from Ismail’s brother and three friends. The helicopter prepared by the young man was taken into police custody. The scenes of the accident appeared on social media. The pictures were taken by friends who were with Ismail during the joy of flying a helicopter. Friend Harish said Ismail had been successful before the helicopter rose five feet. Back then, security measures were used, including helmets. However, he said security measures were not followed on the day of the accident. Ismail named the helicopter ‘Helicopter Munna’.

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