election of the chairman of the congressional party: organizational election at the booth level; Decisive decisions in the Congressional Work Committee – latest news of the congressional organizational elections and statements by sonia gandhi at the cwc meeting


  • To the organizational election of the Congress.
  • Membership distribution will be implemented nationwide.
  • Those with a membership of Rs 5 can compete for any position.

New Delhi: A meeting of the Congressional Working Committee at AICC headquarters has reportedly made crucial decisions about holding organizational elections. The decision was made to implement membership distribution across the country and to hold grassroots organizational elections. The meeting also decided to elect a new Congress president in 2022, Manorama reported.

Those with a membership of Rs 5 can compete for any seat in Congress. Elections will be held instead of looking for candidates for party units. The elections to the DCC will take place next June and July, and the elections to the PCC will take place in July and August. The National President is elected by the AICC office holders elected by the PCCs of their respective states.

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Membership distribution will take place from November 1 to March 31. DCCs released member lists from April 1-15. The booth, the chairman of the block committee and the incumbent will be elected from April 16 to May 31. Each block committee will elect a member of the PCC. Elections for DCC President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Committee will be held from June 1 to July 20.

Elections for PCC President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Committee will be held from July 21 to August 20. The General Body of the PCC elects the members of the AICC from their respective states. The AICC presidential elections will be held from August 21 to September 20. The plenary session of the AICC will take place in September-October. The members of the working committee will be elected at this conference.

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Hours earlier, the party’s president, Sonia Gandhi, had said that she was the full-time president of the Congress party. Although the party needs discipline and self-control, he has always been a supporter of the open mind. If someone has something to say, it may be simple. Sonia had told a congressional working committee meeting at AICC headquarters that she did not need to speak to him through the media.

Sonia Gandhi was responding to criticism from the party that Congress wanted a full-time president. The meeting reported that the party enters the organizational elections. The new Congress president will be elected in 2022. The organizational selection process will begin soon. The full organizational election schedule is ahead. Sony Gandhi said in a statement that KC Venugopal, the organization’s secretary general, would explain the steps. The Congressional Working Committee met at the party headquarters in Delhi to discuss current political developments and the upcoming Assembly elections.

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