Emotion missing from a web series steeped in patriotism

“That which is not full of emotions, in which no juice flows, that heart is not a stone, in which there is no love for the country.” These lines from the national poet Maithilisharan Gupta are applicable to all citizens of the country. . By the way, most people love their country unconditionally. He wants to do something for the country. This is the reason why the feeling of patriotism is strong in all of us. Everyone likes movies full of this feeling. The success of movies like ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ and ‘Sher Shah’, web series like ‘The Test Case’, ‘Regiment Diaries’, ‘The Forgotten Army’ and ‘Jeet Ki Zid’ testify to this. A new web series imbued with the spirit of patriotism airs on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform. The name of this series is ‘Shoorveer’, which is based on the story of the ‘Hawks’ team made up of the best heroes from the air force, land force and sea force.

“The game he started, we will finish the game. Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai”… This dialogue by Group Captain Ranjan Malik from the web series ‘Shoorveer’ refers to the Hindustan who, instead of believing in turning the other cheek slapping his face, he advanced and entered the house of the enemy. He performs surgical blows. . A terrorist does not wait for an incident to happen in the country, but stops him across the border before the incident occurs. He catches traitors and housewives and puts them behind bars. How India’s defense policy has changed in recent years can be seen in this series. There is no doubt that the spirit of patriotism prevails in the series, but the director’s approach has changed due to the combination of many themes at once. Because of this, the pace of the series becomes very slow. This also reduces excitement.

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how is the story

The story of the web series ‘Shoorveer’ is based on the formation, training and operation of the Special Force ‘Hawks’ which consists of the best selected heroes from the air, land and water forces. The need to create a force like ‘Hawks’ is necessary so that the best officers from different armies can train together and prepare for any major operation. It is shown at the beginning of the series that after carrying out terrorist incidents in many places in the country, Pakistani terrorists enter a restaurant in Daman and kill people. After this, the Prime Minister of the country convenes a high-level security meeting. During the discussion on this, it is highlighted that this incident occurred due to a lack of coordination between the bureaucracy and the military. After this, the National Security Advisor Milind Phanse (Makrand Deshpande) suggests the formation of a special force, which should include the soldiers of the three forces.

After receiving the green signal from the Prime Minister, NSA Milind Phanse accelerates the ‘Hawks’ training process under the leadership of an Air Force officer, Ranjan Malik (Manish Choudhary). By virtue of this, ostentatious and courageous officers from the water, land and air forces are selected and included in the Hawks. They are given training so that they can compete with enemies under any circumstances without losing their lives. Here, General Riyaz (Arif Zakaria), sitting in Pakistan, plans a major terrorist attack with the help of his spies based in India. Indian intelligence agencies find out. The spy flees from Delhi to Hyderabad before he is caught. From there he begins to execute his plans. Here the Jawans of the ‘Hawks’ team are training in the war from earth to heaven. During this, many kinds of personal problems are also faced.

The story of the web series ‘Shoorveer’ proceeds in parallel in three tracks. The formation, training and operation of ‘Hawks’ continues in the main story. With this, two stories proceed, in which the first is related to the conspiracies of the intelligence agency ISI of Pakistan. It shows how an army general sitting in Pakistan carries out his activities in India. Second, it points to rampant corruption in the military. It has been proven that, regardless of the lives of our soldiers, bad fighter jets are bought at expensive prices. In this a commission transaction of millions of dollars is carried out. The story of this 8-episode series is co-written by Bijesh Jayarajan, Sagar Pandya and Nisarg Mehta. But trying to cover too many topics in one story weakens the script. The pace of the series also gradually slows down.

How is the address?

Kanishk Verma has directed this web series. Kanishk has previously directed movies like ‘Footfairy’, ‘Sunk’ and web series like ‘Inside Edge 3’. In this, Vidyut Jammwal’s movie ‘Sanak’ has been in the news, which premiered on Disney Plus Hotstar. Alongside his old team, he has also taken command of ‘Shoorveer’. But they have not been able to produce the expected effect. In all the successful military dramas so far, the story has been written keeping one theme in focus. But in this series, many topics have been raised together, but they have not been brought together. Cinematographer Prateek Deora has done well for him, but there is not much room for him. Because most of the scenes are based on VFX. To create excitement in the audience, an attempt was made to show the acrobatics of combat ships in the sky, which is ineffective. There is no visible expression on the face of the pilot who flies these ships. If the series had been made keeping the focus on ‘Hawks’, it would have been better.

How is the acting?

In this web series, actors like Armaan Ralhan, Regina Cassandra, Adil Khan, Anjali Barot, Manish Chaudhary, Arif Zakaria, Makrand Deshpande, Faisal Rashid, Sahil Mehta, and Shivya Pathani have major roles. Makrand Deshpande as National Security Advisor Milind Phanse, Manish Chaudhary as Air Force Officer Ranjan Malik, Arif Zakaria as General Riaz, Armaan Ralhan as Viraj Sehgal, Adil Khan as Salim Kamali, and Avantika Rao as Regina Cassandra have all played major roles. In this one, except for Manish Choudhary, none of the actors have seen the expressions according to his character. Even seasoned actors like Makrand Deshpande have not been able to do his character justice. Manish Chaudhary definitely looks good in the role of Group Captain. His body language suits his character.

see it or not?

Overall, if you’re going to watch ‘Shoorveer’ as a military drama, just wait. The series will not see the same entertainment and excitement that was previously seen in ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ and ‘Sher Shah’. From the first to the eighth episode, the series fails to hold it together. The main reason for this is that the focus has not been maintained in history. Because of this, this web series has become lackluster. It can be seen as a normal series.

iChowk.in Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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