Emotional blunting: Can’t express emotions? The reasons may be: the reasons behind the emotional numbness.


  • Is it not possible to express emotions according to the circumstances?
  • This may be due to emotional numbness.
  • This is a condition that must be treated early.

Man cannot be perfect without expressions of emotion. Communication is effective not only in language but also in a variety of emotions. If the emotions in the mind are not expressed correctly in some way, it can lead to serious mental problems. It is definitely a mindset to consider if you are not able to display appropriate emotional expressions according to the circumstances. This condition, called depression, can become an uncontrollable condition if it is not treated in time.

What is emotional numbness?

Emotional stagnation or emotional depression is a condition in which everyone is unable to express the emotions that come to mind. Many people feel the need to express themselves outside but cannot express it precisely. Many people experience this condition as a gradual decline. There can be many reasons for experiencing this emotional numbness. It must be identified and treated accurately. We can express emotions through voice and even facial expressions. But those who experience emotional numbness can express these things. It is a common condition in people with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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4 causes of emotional numbness:

Medication use: The consecutive use of antidepressants to treat any ailment can cause emotional numbness. These sedatives can trigger the inhibition of inhibitors in your nervous system and reduce the ability to express emotions.

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Severe depression: Depression is a state of feeling empty in the mind, experiencing irrational depression, and feeling disillusioned with life. People who experience this type of depression may experience emotional numbness.

Alcohol and drug abuse: Drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the nervous system and make a person unable to behave in a way that adapts to their real environment. The consecutive use of these products can cause emotional depression on a large scale.

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder): Post-traumatic stress disorder can cause emotional numbness as it creates a great deal of trauma. Emotional separation, traumatic flashbacks, and poor mental health can lead to emotional numbness.

How does emotional numbness affect you?

Emotional numbness can cause a person to lose the ability to experience sadness and happiness. It causes a lot of discomfort, you lose your appetite, you eliminate sexual desire and you are very detached from your environment. A person with emotional stagnation has difficulty talking to people and has doubts about his own abilities.

To control this condition, seek professional help and seek treatment. If something that causes emotional numbness is still a part of your lifestyle, try to control it. Also talk to your friends / family about the condition and consult a mental health professional.

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