Empowerment of women in Kashmir; Indian Army Mission

The Indian Army has now embarked on an exemplary effort. As part of the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the Indian army launched a Center for the Empowerment of Women in Kashmir. The center is located in the village of Bernet, near the Line of Control (LoC) in the Baramulla district in northern Kashmir. The army is carrying out these activities with the intention of liberating women from patriarchy. The aim of the armed forces is to provide professional training to girls and women and to empower them. As part of this, tailoring schools have been started in the center. So far, between 30 and 40 girls have joined the Empowerment Center for classes. The army is also trying to empower women in other villages in this way. In addition to other facilities, the Army has provided the Center with 10 sewing machines necessary for tailoring work. Saria Begum, the head coach of the center, told ANI that there are more than 10 girls at the center who specialize in tailoring and who train others in tailoring. “Through this project, these girls are learning and becoming independent. We thank the Indian Army for bringing women’s empowerment to our village. We hope that the Army will continue to devise similar plans for the betterment of women, ”said Saria Begum. Meanwhile, in March, in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, the army had trained women to make Kashmir embroidery and shawls. Trainer Anjali Rana told ANI that she trains as a livelihood for local women and it has been a very good experience for them. The women here didn’t have to bear any expense either. All the materials for the embroidery work were provided by the army itself. The Indian Army has already launched similar initiatives for women with the aim of empowering women. Let’s see what they are;

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‘Floating Sewing Center’ in Banihal Village
The army-run ‘Floating Sewing Center’ was started in 2015 for the betterment of women in the village of Banihal in Kashmir. However, this center has a uniqueness. It stays in one place for four to five months and then moves on to the next. Jammu-based defense spokesman Lt. Col. Manish Mehta said the floating system was established to provide maximum benefit to women and girls in inland villages. This floating sewing center provided more than just training. Instead, women were able to weave clothes and sell them through this self-help sewing center.

Rajouri Bakery for Women
The Indian Army has established a bakery in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir as part of the Women’s Empowerment Project. The project was initiated by the Army in collaboration with an NGO. The Army initiative was launched as part of an outreach program to create job opportunities and improve the skills of women in the area. “The women in this area want to fend for themselves. In addition, they are working hard to fulfill their family responsibilities and improve their standard of living. After realizing their wish, the army congratulated them and then opened a bakery for the village women in collaboration with the Azeem Foundation, ” said a defense spokesman. 10 unemployed women were selected and given 21 days of training under the direction of the Army itself. The women were taught everything, including how to run a bakery and how to handle orders.

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The Indian Army is also taking action for girls’ education, another facet of women’s empowerment. In early 2015, computer training classes for girls were organized in the Doda district. Classes were held in collaboration with the Face Computer Institute in each children’s home. The army has trained some 30 socially and economically backward girls in these classes. In addition, the Army conducted a month-long food processing training program for women in Chinta village in Doda district. About 30 women participated in the event. Aside from the great women’s empowerment initiative, there has been another event in India that has enhanced the reputation of the Indian military. A group of retired soldiers has come forward to serve the needy sectors of society. They are constructing a building in Yerawada, Pune, named ‘Ghar’ for orphaned, paralyzed, sick and elderly girls. The seven-story building will house 40 girls, 10 paralyzed patients and 19 elderly people. “Orphan girls between the ages of 6 and 12 who come to this home will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. It will also allow older girls to stand on their own two feet. All the facilities they need will be provided at home free of charge. ‘ – said Colonel Mickey Uberoi (retired), president of the Sant Ishwar Foundation, a charitable foundation. The building will open on October 2 in view of the Kovid situation. First the elderly and then the paralyzed are finally admitted to the child care home (from girls to adults). ****

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(Compiled by Bhadra chandran)

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