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The webseries that make us feel the smell of the land of the town, connect us with our roots, remind us of the towns and explain the importance of the family are present on very few OTT platforms. That is why the audience of web series like ‘Panchayat’ is waiting wholeheartedly. Let’s get to work as soon as it’s published. Add to its popularity. All the characters in these web series seem like members of our family. Watching and listening to them is not like watching a movie, but it feels like living it. Amid the excitement of the ‘Panchayat 2’ web series streaming on Amazon Prime Video, a new ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ web series has been launched on Sony Liv. In this rural based web series, caste-caste, high-low, untouchability, male dominance, illiteracy, poverty, and terror murder have also been shown along with rural politics and bullying.

Vaibhav Tatvvadi, Akash Makhija, Alka Amin, Vineet Kumar, Pankaj Jha, Kumar Saurabh, Garima Singh and Ishita Ganguly have pivotal roles in the web series ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ directed by Rahul Pandey and Satish Nair. Not all filmmakers have the art of explaining and presenting any serious and sensitive subject in front of the audience with a smile. But this work has been well done by the ‘Panchayat’. The way in which women’s empowerment, population control, superstition, the dowry system, and village politics have been presented in this cross-comedy-drama web series is commendable. Similarly, social change has been strongly advocated in ‘Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi’. It also shows glimpses of web series like ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Panchayat’ at times. However, it is redundant to compare any web series to ‘Panchayat’.

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Famous actor Vaibhav Tatvvadi from the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ has the lead role in ‘Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi’.

At the center of the story of the web series ‘Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi’ is actor Vaibhav Tatvvadi’s character, Nirmal Pathak, who has not been to his village in 24 years. When he goes to his town after a long time, he is given a big welcome. People from all over town stand on the side of the road for him. Childhood friends are with him. His mother, Santoshi, is surprised to see him after a long time. Living between the family and the village, Nirmal notices that the people here have not changed over time. Castes, high and low and untouchability is still raging in the village. Even if the old man who cleans the drain touches someone, he leaves his house. The servants who work at home are given tea in a porcelain cup, while the rest drink tea from a steel cup. Even today in marriage, the children of Dalits are fed outside the place.

If Nirmal Pathak opposes all these social systems and traditions, then the people of the house will start to oppose him. His uncle Makhanlal (Pankaj Jha) says that all this is the effect of his blood. It is here that Nirmal also finds out that his father had left the house. His mother says that like her, his father also talked about change. So he had to leave home. Santoshi says: “It is the custom of the people, only those who speak of changes change them.” An angry Nirmal also starts to leave the house and the village after his uncle’s protest, so his mother says “It’s very easy to leave, it’s very hard to change by stopping.” His mother’s words cut into his heart. Instead of going to the city, he stays in the village and makes a plan to fight these stereotypes and change. In this he also supports his cousin.

The ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ web series captures the essence of rural India, which directors Satish Nair and Rahul Pandey have tried to portray in this five episode series. There are many subplots in this dramatic comedy. When Nirmal is reunited with his mother Santoshi, his cousin Aatish marries Reena against her will for political reasons, cousin Nibha is forced to give water after feeding the men, Uchi The Pathak family people who live in the caste mentality he treats the lower caste people as second class, giving food and water in separate utensils to make them feel their inferiority. The initial episodes are a bit weak, but after the third episode, there is tremendous emotional drama. Here one can see the writing of the writer of the series, Rahul Pandey, who has worked as a good counterpart for each other while remaining realistic with the quirks of the characters. Rahul has also directed the series. His grip is also visible.

The lead actor of the web series, Vaibhav Tatvvadi, has appeared in many Hindi and Marathi movies. He played the Maratha character ‘Chimaji Appa’ in the Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ released in 2015 and ‘Puran Singh’ in the movie ‘Manikarnika: Rani of Jhansi’ released in the year 2019. In this series also he played the character of Nirmal Pathak very easily. This is why he connects with the audience right away. Nirmal is a wise and brave person who decides what is right and what is wrong for the people around him. Even though he is hard to do, but he does it and he succeeds in the end. The second most influential character after Nirmal is Santoshi, played by actress Alka Amin. A patient wife who has waited decades for her husband to return, quietly doing the housework without complaining about her, but when she learns that her husband will never return, Alka expresses her feelings for her. . Vineet Kumar, Pankaj Jha, Kumar Saurabh have also played their respective roles well.

Overall, the ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ web series, which airs on Sony LIV, offers a glimpse of rural India. Through this, the social ills and customs prevailing in our society-people have been hit hard. If you want to understand the town, its people, its politics and its system, then this series may be good for you.

iChowk.in Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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