Faleiro en trinamool: big setback for Congress; Former Goa Chief Minister and Several Leaders Join Trinamool Congress – Former Goa CM Luizinho Faleiro Joins Trinamool Congress


  • A major setback for Congress
  • Former Chief Minister of Goa leaves Congress
  • Came to Calcutta and joined Trinamool

Kolkata: Former Goa Chief Minister and Congress Leader Lucinho Falero has joined the Trinamool Congress. The older leader left the party along with several other Congressional leaders and joined the Trinamool Congress. There were previous reports that Falero was preparing to leave the party. It was an MLA from the Congress of the Navelim constituency who resigned from the Assembly yesterday. This was followed by the entry of Trinamool.

Trinamool Congress leader and party deputy Abhishek Banerjee received Falero and other leaders with the party flag. Falero arrived in Calcutta on Tuesday to join Trinamool. Apart from the former prime minister, several other leaders had come to the city to join the party.

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Congressional Leader Lucinho Fallero joined the Trinamool Congress after praising Mamata Banerjee. He said that Mamata had managed to arrest the BJP in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee welcomed Falero after he joined the Trinamool Congress. Mamata Banerjee, a former chief minister and seven-time MLA and a powerful leader in Goa, said Falero had joined the Trinamool Congress and would fight for a united front.

Responding to media reports after joining the Trinamool Congress, Falero said he was starting his journey with Didi. “We are starting the journey with Didi today because Goa needs a credible alternative. We urge you to come to Goa to protect Goa’s identity and heritage,” Falero said. The move by the top leader in Goa, where assembly elections are scheduled for next year, is expected to be a major setback for Congress.

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Lucinho Fallero, a Navelim constituency congressional MLA, presented his resignation to Goa Assembly Speaker Rajesh Patnaik yesterday. After resigning, Falero said that he would not leave Congress and would remain in the Congressional family. He said the MLA had given up working to build the Congressional family in the state and country.

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The Congress belongs to nobody, it is a movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. This Congressional family is divided today. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has a party in Congress. He had said that there was a YSR Congress and that there was a Congress of PNC leader Sharad Pawar. “I have not left Congress. I will love the philosophy of Congress, the ideology of Congress, the principles of Congress and the programs of Congress, ”he said after the MLA resigned.

Who is the Congressional High Command now that they heard Sidhu’s words like this?

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