Fans bathe the poster of ‘Antiem’ with milk, Salman Khan said – give poor children a drink

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  • Salman Khan fans shower the poster of the film Antim
  • Posting a video, Salman Khan wrote, ‘Drink poor children.
  • Earlier, Salman had shared a video of fans bursting firecrackers in theatres.

Salman Khan is such a star of Bollywood these days that his fans are ready to go to any extent for him. The release of Salman Khan’s film in theaters is like a festival. But in the meantime, his fans are acting in such a way that Dabang Khan is also getting upset. Salman Khan posted a video on Saturday night. In which some fans are seen bursting firecrackers in the theatre. On Sunday, Salman Khan shared another video. Fans bathe the poster of The Final Truth, which was hung outside the theatre. This angered Salman Khan. While advising the fans, he said, ‘If they only want to give milk, then give it to the poor children who do not have milk to drink.

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A post shared by Salman Khan (Being Salman Khan)

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Salman Khan shared the 29-second video on Instagram on Sunday afternoon. In which the fans of Bhaijaan have reached the theater to see the last truth with the drums. There was so much excitement among the fans that there was an atmosphere of celebration outside the cinema hall. His fans shower the film’s poster with milk. Posting this video, Salman Khan said, ‘Many people are not lucky enough to have drinking water and you are wasting milk like this. If you only want to give milk, then my request to the fans is to give milk to the poor children who do not get milk.

Fireworks burst inside the theater
No information has been revealed about where this video is from. Salman Khan posted a video on Saturday night. Inside the theater, on the entry of Salman Khan’s film, the fans were seen dancing like Diwali. Many people were surprised to see the video. Posting the video, Salman Khan shook hands and appealed to the fans not to do so. “Don’t put your life and that of others at risk,” the actor said.

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A post shared by Salman Khan (Being Salman Khan)

Salman folds hands in front of fans
“I urge fans not to burst crackers inside cinema halls, as it can lead to fire and prove to be a major hazard,” Salman Khan wrote in the caption accompanying a video on Instagram on Saturday. It can harm your life and that of others. My appeal to theater owners is that they should not allow firecrackers to enter the theaters and the security guards should stop such people at the entry point. Enjoy the movie in every way, but not in that way. This is an appeal to all my fans, thank you.

Last earning of 10.25 crores in two days
Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma’s film Final has been released in theaters on Friday, 26 November. Salman Khan is in a supporting role in the film. He plays the role of a Sikh policeman. The film has earned Rs 10.25 crore at the box office in two days.

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