Farmers ‘protest: Conflict in UP during the farmers’ strike; Six dead – six killed in violence during farmers’ protest in lakhimpur kheri


  • Six farmers were killed
  • Many were injured
  • Journalists were also injured

Lucknow: At least six people were killed in clashes in the Lakhimpurkheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The confrontation took place during the visit of the UP Principal Deputy Minister, Keshav Prasad Maurya, to Ticonia-Banbirpur. Four died at the scene and two were hospitalized.

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The farmers were killed when two SUVs collided with them while protesting Maurya’s visit. The farmers then blocked the vehicles and set both vehicles on fire.

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Farmers had rallied to block Maurya’s visit to Banbirpur, the birthplace of Union Interior Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra and Kheri MP. Several journalists were also injured during the clashes.

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Congress demanded a judicial investigation into the incident and guarantee the punishment of the accused. Rahul Gandhi said that those who have not yet responded to the incident in Lakhimpurkheri are already dead and the farmers’ sacrifices will not be in vain. Maurya’s visit to Banbirpur was canceled due to tensions in the area.

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