Fearing becoming an Arab, Naseeruddin’s wife proved: Saudi is a wreck of Maulanas! Naseeruddin’s wife demonstrated the possibility of becoming an Arab

Though religiously correct, Muslims from the Indian subcontinent see themselves at the center of the Arab world, including for cultural reasons. Religious customs aside, the forceful request of the Indian Muslims regarding food, way of life and dress also seems to follow the Arabs. Pressure is even applied through fatwa etc. Several recent fatwas can be counted in which religious leaders, citing Islam, called the Indian lifestyle, food and dress irreligious and called for following Arab culture. The importance of Arab countries among Indian Muslims is very different. As if the Arabs were the country of their ancestors.

In recent times, Nupur Sharma came into controversy even as Indian Muslims mocked India itself and said how backward it is from the Arab countries, while defending the prosperity of all Arab countries. Well, in the wrong context, but the wife of Bollywood film veteran and outspoken artist Naseeruddin Shah and famous actor Ratna Pathak Shah admitted in a statement that Saudi Arabia is actually a bankrupt country in human terms. Arabia is hell, especially in terms of individual freedom and women’s freedom. Although the religious sentiments of the Hindus must have been hurt by the establishment of Ratna Pathak.

Why did Ratna say: It looks like India is on its way to becoming Saudi Arabia?

In fact, Ratna Pathak in an interview to Pinkvilla called Indian women who watch Karva Chauth crazy. When she was asked if she would observe the Karva Chauth fast during the long life of her husband (Naseeruddin Shah), describing Karva Chauth as superstitious and orthodox, she replied: I am a pagan, shall I observe such a fast? He said: “It is amazing that even educated women in the current era keep fasting during the long life of their husband. Being a widow in India is also a frightening situation, women fast in Karva Chauth because of this fear.”

Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin.

He said: “Look at any conservative society in the world, women are the first to be affected (by ills). Look at Saudi Arabia. Do we want to be Saudi Arabia?” It is obvious that people would not have liked Ratna Pathak Shah’s comment on Karva Chauth very much. Especially when it has been seen that her husband’s statements in recent months have a religious bias and hurt the feelings of the majority. Believing in any religion and its traditions is a personal matter of people. The big question is that if people are comfortable with his trust and no one is harmed by it, then why is Ratna Pathak Shah against it?

People’s anger is visible against Ratna Pathak’s comments on social media. People charge that Bollywood stars have fallen in love with the majority religion and festivals for one reason or another. In every festival a call is made not to do it by doing some hobbies. People start worrying about their skin on Holi, the environment on Diwali, the birds on Makar Sankranti. But this concern is unilateral. These stars don’t seem to be concerned with the festivals/traditions and orthodoxy of other religions.

When will Ratna Pathak Shah express his opinion on Indian women wearing burka?

People on social media even wrote that Ratna Pathak Shah has expressed his concern about India becoming Saudi Arabia, so he should also say how by wearing “burqa” women become self-sufficient, empowered and progressive. When Saudi Arabia is such a bankrupt country, why blindly follow it? Some people strongly condemned Ratna’s statement and said that many women do not observe the Karva Chauth fast. Hindus are not pressured not to observe any fasting festivals. Who does not like it. But it’s not allowed to make fun of other people’s feelings based on personal preference. That too when there is no statement from your side regarding the customs of other religions. This just shows that you are full of hate for any religion.

Ratna Pathak Shah is at the center of criticism for opposing Karva Chauth. By the way, as far as the popularity of this festival is concerned, it has become very popular thanks to Punjab-centric Bollywood movies and TV series. 20 or 30 years ago, Karva Chauth did not seem like an event atmosphere, but in the last two decades, the festival has made a lot of sense. Educated and employed women also work. This festival is for married women who like to celebrate it for the welfare of their husband. Incidentally, many husbands are also seen keeping the Karva Chauth fast for their wives.

Ratna Pathak’s statement in the Karva Chauth controversy demonstrated one thing that people who repeatedly give the example of Arabic in the name of Islam must understand that even today there is no ideal system in all matters, but only the primitive system. . And women have to pay a high price for that. In Arab countries all kinds of restrictions have been imposed on women in the name of religion. Forget your equality with men: women have not been given the same status even in all fundamental rights. However, the constitution and law of India are different in this regard. Whatever religion you interpret, but legally in the country, women and men are seen as equal.

Ratna Pathak Shah Ji There is a difference of land inequality between India and Saudi Arabia.

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