First kill of Kovid 19 Delta Plus in Madhya Pradesh


  • In Madhya Pradesh, there are five such patients
  • Most of these were reported from the state capital, Bhopal, and the rest from Ujjain.
  • The young woman, who died on May 23, turned out to be the new variant.

Bhopal: Delta Plus, the new variant of Kovid 19, is generating concern. One death was reported in the country after the new variant. One of those deaths was reported from Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.

The Delta Plus variant, which was genetically modified, was found in the audio samples of a dead Kovid patient in Ujjain.

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In Madhya Pradesh, there are five such patients. Most of these were reported from the state capital Bhopal and the rest from Ujjain.

Four out of five Kovid patients in the state are reported to have recovered. The national media India Today has published such news.

A report from Bhopal confirmed that there were two cases of Delta Plus from Ujjain, an official from Kovid nodal from Ujjain told PTI.

The young woman, who died on May 23, was found to be the new variant. Kovid’s disease was first reported to her husband. In addition, authorities found that the husband had received two doses of the vaccine. At the same time, it was found that the young woman had not been vaccinated.

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Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Vishwas Sarang said the government was currently assessing the situation in the state. In addition, the patient contact list was prepared and verified, which was positive for the Delta Plus variant. But they were all negative, the minister said.

In addition to this, surveillance instructions have been given to hospitals. The minister said that with the detection of cases of genetic modification a large number of tests are being performed and there will be no delay in this.

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