First the depths and now Alia’s opposition to Gangubai Kathiawadi, what does Kangana want to prove?

Looking at some of Kangana Ranaut’s statements, it seems that everyone in Bollywood hates her. Most Bollywood A-listers leave no room for criticism when it comes to a new movie. What to criticize-Looking at her statements, in a way, it seems like she’s probably taking out personal enmity. However, there doesn’t seem to be any valid reason for the personal enmity. Recently, after making fun of Deepika Padukone under the guise of the depths broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, she has now spoken very harshly about Gangubai Kathiawadi in gestures. Alia Bhatt and her father are on target for her. Kangana criticized Alia and Gangubai Kathiawadi as much as she could.

Kangana wrote on different Instagram stories without naming Alia Bhatt: This Friday, Rs 200 crore will be available at the box office. For a dad (movie mafia dad) ki pari (who has a British passport)…because dad wants to prove that rom-com Bimbo can act. The biggest drawback of this movie is the poor casting that has been done to it…it won’t get any better. It’s no wonder theaters are moving toward southern and Hollywood movies. As long as the movie mafia is in power, this is what is written in the destiny of Bollywood. In another Instagram story, Alia took a dig at Alia, her father, and other stalwarts in the film industry.


Kangna’s habit of criticizing without level

It’s not hard to guess which actress and which movie Alia is targeting. On Friday, February 25, the period drama Gangubai Kathiawadi directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali opens. Alia played the main character of Gangubai in the film. The film has been made on a large scale and after the trailer, Alia’s work is also praised. However, Kangana feels that Alia’s casting as Gangubai is very bad and that she got the role for her only because of her father (Mahesh Bhatt). It’s becoming a habit for Kangana to make fun of Bollywood stars and make fun of someone at a very low level. She is sometimes seen as the female version of Kamal Khan. Whereas she expects sensitivity from a National Award-winning actress.

Just a few days ago, he had targeted Deepika Padukone under the guise of depth. Deepika did not know what to say about the depths. If you make a list of Kangana’s sharp words about Bollywood stars, maybe even the articles are short to write. The famous actress from Thalaivi has been seen openly taking aim at Bollywood for the past few years for alleged nepotism. Looking at them, she seems like she has become the habit of it. All Bollywood stars have their place, but they have shown it many times when they have pushed the limits during criticism. Who will or will not take Bhansali or anyone else in her film? Who is Kangana Ranaut to give this advice?

alia-gangubai-650_022022092811.jpgAlia Bhat.

Alia Bhatt has her own existence and is no less than Kangana in all respects.

Of course, Alia Bhatt is the daughter of a director. But she has her own existence as an actress. She has shown it not once but many times with strong roles. Gully Boy, Raazi, Udta Punjab and Highway are not included in Alia’s best movies. Her performance cannot be dismissed on any scale. She may have launched as an actress thanks to her father’s contacts, but her stature shows that she has proven to be her choice for all kinds of roles. She is just as talented and hardworking as Kangana.

Yes, Alia definitely gets opportunities easily in the film industry compared to Kangana. But if only chance had been such a big deal, then never knowing how many sons and daughters of stars wouldn’t have been living an anonymous life on today’s date. In terms of success, despite having a short career, Alia’s account is no less successful than Kangana’s. While Kangana’s previous film, which was a political drama, was badly beaten at the box office. Another thing is that the work of the actress influenced Jayalalithaa.

What Kangana Ranaut wants to prove with criticism

Now the question is, what does Kangana want to prove by criticizing Alia or other stars in the film industry? Kangana continues to express his opinion on the subject of Hindutva and nepotism. He openly brags about supporting the BJP. While criticizing Gangubai Kathiawadi, Kangana forgets that the film also has actors like Ajay Devgn and Vijay Raj. Ajay Devgan has publicly reiterated his support for Narendra Modi and the BJP on many occasions. He has also campaigned several times from the BJP platforms, but never made his political choices into a tool to attack anyone. He never commented on anyone. While his enmity with many people in the industry was not something hidden, he also coincidentally held royalty in Hindi cinema. Similarly, Akshay Kumar is also seen. So what does Kangana want to express or show?

When it comes to nepotism, most people in the century-old industry are first-generation. Some families have an active second or third generation. And Kangana’s own sister is also active in the film industry thanks to Kangana. Wouldn’t this be called nepotism? Kangana also has her own relationships. So should it also be called ‘by a gang name’?

Does Kangana Ranaut make such statements to stay in the headlines?

Looking at Kangana’s reviews, it now seems like he’s probably still looking for excuses to make headlines like Kamal Khan. He sometimes opens a front against anti-BJP political parties, sometimes makes comments about non-Hindu actors in the film industry, and most of the time makes plain comments under the guise of nepotism. While the stature and prestige of a Kangana National Award winning actress is expected of her. But her statements are not those of a responsible artist but those of a sensible leader who misbehaves. A section may be happy with Kangana’s comments, but all of this is greatly discrediting her image. If Kangana avoids this, she’ll be fine. Too much of anything is not okay.

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