Five characters from the Panchayat 2 web series, who win hearts!

The second season of the web series ‘Panchayat’ made under the banner ‘The Viral Fever’ is broadcast on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. This time, due to the tremendous demand for the webseries, it was released two days before the scheduled time. The web series features all the actors from the previous season, Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik, Chandan Roy along with some newcomers like Sanvika, Pooja Jha, Sunita Rajwar, Shrikant Verma, and Pankaj Jha in different roles.

This web series gives an insight into the smell of the village soil, it makes people feel connected to their roots. This is the reason why all the characters in the web series resemble his own. His happiness seems to be his own, his sadness gives the same pain that the character feels. In the second season, many juices have been included compared to the first. In the past, where only humor was present, this time with makeup, there is also compassion. In the web series, all the actors have performed tremendously in their characters. Five of them have won hearts.

Let’s meet the five ‘Panchayat 2’ actors who have most influenced…

1. Character: Prahlad Pandey, Deputy Director

Artist – Faizal Malik

Actor Faisal Malik has given a great performance in the role of Prahlad Pandey, the deputy head of Gram Panchayat Phulera. In the last season, where his character appears to be a secretary hanger and main husband, in the second season his character has been expanded and given the opportunity to lead. Faisal has capitalized very well on this opportunity. In the last episode, when Prahlad Pandey receives the news of his son’s martyrdom, the whole town begins to cry seeing him sad. From here, through his tremendous performance, Faizal Malik gets into people’s hearts in such a way that he is still present even after the series ends. Whether as a confidant of Pradhan’s husband or a good friend of Sachivji, Faizal is a delight to see and hear in every role. The way he expresses his sense of humor and compassion draws a new line of action. Before ‘Panchayat’, Faizal Malik, who appeared in the web series Black Widow and the movie Gangs of Wasseypur, is a resident of Prayagraj. Apart from acting, he also runs a production company with his wife.

2. Character- Vikas Shukla, assistant secretary

Artist- Chandan Roy

In the web series ‘Panchayat 2’, the second most influential character after Prahlad Pandey, deputy chief of the Panchayat Phulera village, is the assistant secretary Vikas Shukla. Vikas also won everyone’s hearts with his tremendous performance in the last season. Actor Chandan Roy, who played Vikas, acted so naturally that people began to give examples of his friendship. Panchayat Secretary Abhishek Tripathi, who came to the village leaving his family and his circle of friends in the city, gets a real friend like Vikas in the form of an assistant. A friend who takes care of all his needs. He provides her with everything without saying anything. The relationship between Vikas and Abhishek reflects the purity of the relationship in the villages, which goes beyond selfishness. Chandan Roy, who plays Vikas, studied journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. After that, he has also been a reporter at Dainik Jagran for a few days. But along with journalism, he used to act in theater. From there he got the ghost of acting and came to Mumbai.

3. Character: Abhishek Tripathi, Panchayat Secretary

Artist- Jitendra Kumar

The story of the web series ‘Panchayat’ revolves around actor Jitendra Kumar’s character Abhishek Tripathi. Abhishek Tripathi is the Panchayat Secretary of Village Panchayat Phulera. The villagers address him as Sachivji. Actor Jitendra Kumar has given an excellent performance in both seasons in the role of Abhishek Tripathi. When Abhishek, who grew up in the city, arrives in the village of Phulera, seeing the conditions there, he decides to flee. But on the advice of a friend, he stays there to prepare for the MBA and plans to leave after passing the exam. But during this time, he gets a chance to understand the townspeople in the midst of all the problems he faces. They made friends with him in the village itself. He gets along with Dubeyji, Pandeyji, and Vikas. Like the first season, the friendship of the four continues in the second season as well. Yaari is so tremendous that his friends even fight with Chandrabhushan Singh, the Pakoli legislator, over Abhishek. Abhishek and Rinki’s friendship also grows stronger this season. In the third season, it is possible that both of them are in love. Jitendra, who studied engineering at IIT, works primarily for TVF. He has been seen in many TVF web series.

4. Character: Brij Bhushan Dubey, main husband

Artist- Raghuveer Yadav

The funniest character in the web series ‘Panchayat’ is from Brij Bhushan Dubey. This character is played by actor Raghubir Yadav. Dubeji is the husband of the village chief Manju Devi. That is why he is called the main husband. After being scolded by DM in the first season, Dubey ji gives him the chance to introduce his first wife in this season. They keep reminding them over and over again that she is the head of the people. Not only this, his friendship with Sachivji is also wonderful. They are like parents in age, but they also have a lot of fun as they sit together at the beer party. As funny as he is, when he gets angry, he seems equally innocent. In the second season, when there is a fight between Sachiv ji and Dubey ji over the MLA, his flushed face becomes visible. Dubey with malevolent thoughts is also afraid of his wife. But sometimes reminiscing about the old days is also romantic. No other actor could have played the character of Brij Bhushan Dubey better than Raghubir Yadav. This is the fifth web series for the actor who made his digital debut with the ‘Panchayat’ web series.

5. Character: Manju Devi, village chief

Artist- Neena Gupta

Manju Devi is the head of the Panchayat Phulera village. Actress Neena Gupta plays this character. In the first season, Neena got much less screen space, but in the second season her character was expanded as well. Where Manju Devi was the head of the village in the first season, she works openly in the second season. involved in Panchayat decisions. She also keeps giving her husband Brij Bhushan Dubey suggestions from time to time. Her suggestion is also helpful. That’s why Dubey ji had to say, “Rinki, your Amma has learned politics.” Manju Devi, sitting in front of a sewing machine with dark red lipstick and powder, looks prettier than the first in the second season. When Manju Devi is furious at driving away the MLA that she had come to attend the last rites of the martyred son of Pandey ji, when Manju Devi is furious at the sight of her, the defiant leader of her is also scared and returns. Neena Gupta looks natural in this scene. This is the miracle of the best interpretation of her. Also worth seeing is the role of Neena Gupta, who came back to fame with the movie ‘Badhaai Ho’, in the third season.

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