For the father, Dilip Kumar was also the actor of the Balraj Sahni collision …

The karma of our generation, the revolution and his grandson ‘What is this Ilu Ilu?’ The parent who asked said goodbye to this world today. Like all successful people of the last century, Dilip sahib also had the same history of the struggle of the early days. Partition of the country being later evicted from his native land. Then one day he ruled the hearts of all of India by taking to the streets of Mumbai.

In the post-independence generation of Hindi cinema, namely Devanand, Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, now perhaps the last name was Dilip Kumar, who was breathing until yesterday. After the departure of Dilip Kumar, the golden past of Hindi cinema also came to an end today. There is no doubt that Dilip Sahab’s effortless acting and delicate dialogue have left their mark on all new age actors, that is, from Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan.

Dilip Kumar, his acting and his personality was like a great tree in Mumbai cinema, during the last four decades since I have been in this world and since Hindi cinema became worth seeing and understanding. Nowadays, all these things are there, but today, after the departure of Dilip Sahib, one thing comes over and over again: how ordinary people establish a different kind of unique relationship with movie characters. Who we never meet or talk to, but how they become an integral part of all his happy memories of our life.

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Dilip Kumar was the artist who gave new dimensions to love with his performance

Another thing is not the actual age of the actor, but the age of his characters remains etched in our mind forever. Dilip sahib was 98 years old. If my father had been there today, his age would have been 82 years old. But since the morning all I think about is how my father got older for me and Dilip Kumar is 16 years older than him. It is true that in this way the characters become immortal forever.

He remembered the character. My father didn’t watch movies, etc. In front of him, watching television was a crime and going to the movie theater to see a movie was an unforgivable crime. For the children of the nineties, the films that were shown in Doordarshan on Saturdays and Sundays were the big event of the week. Yes, I don’t know how much Father Balraj Sahni sahib liked him. Dad used to sit and watch his movies together. All other films and actors did not participate in this scheme. We brothers and sisters knew this thing very well as a father.

Once, on Saturday or Sunday, the movie Mughle Azam, starring Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Madhubala, will be broadcast on television. Among us, the local children, that is, my friends were very excited about the film. Such was the popularity of the film. I was smiling and in a somewhat jealous tone arguing with my friends about what a great movie this is. There will be a Raja Maharaja movie where there will be neither ‘Amta Bachchan’s Fating’ nor the pleasure of watching ‘Taklu Villain Shetty’ get beaten up.

But inside I was worried that if Balraj Sahni had been there, we would have enjoyed this movie in this movie. The theme of watching television while the rest of the father was there was such that even Amma used to raise her hand. So sir, who should tie a bell around the cat’s neck? After the news from Doordarshan at 8.30 pm, the film was to be broadcast on television. Along with my father, I was also waiting for my father’s signal to turn off the television after looking at the clock and knowing the time.

The tune at the end of the news began to play. I was going to turn off the TV to become a good boy before he asked me that only then would a historical movie come to my father who was listening to Amma while she drank water. Everyone talks a lot outside. Come on, son of television …! Until now, brothers and sisters have learned so much to act that by suppressing the intense inner happiness and reacting seriously as if everything were normal.

So what happened late into the night, sitting on the quilt with my dad, I enjoyed every piece. In the middle, the sound of ‘Wah Wah Kya Bol Gaya’ coming out of Papa’s mouth in Salim and Akbar’s dialogues is still sitting in the heart. Above all, this line from the father who … Only Dilip Kumar could have played Salim in such a respectful and serious way in the face of Akbar’s great dignity and Prithviraj’s enormous personality.

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