forced conversion in karnataka: “Churches will be counted, measures will be taken against priests if they are captured”; Karnataka orders action against Christian churches for changing conversion accusations


  • Alleged forced conversion.
  • Karnataka government decides to count Christian churches
  • BJP MLA says action will be taken.

Bangalore: The Karnataka government has decided to list the number of Christian churches following allegations of proselytizing in the state led by Christian missionaries. Backward classes: The Assembly Committee of the Department of Minority Welfare is counting the number of Christian churches that follow the complaint.

Officials said the survey was being conducted to count the number of churches operating illegally in the state. Deputy district commissioners and various government departments have been asked to conduct the survey. Gulihatti Sekhar, chairman of the committee and a BJP MLA from Hosadurga, told the Times of India that the decision to count the number of churches was based on complaints that conversion was rampant in Karnataka. The survey is being carried out to investigate complaints that forced conversions are rampant in parts of Karnataka. He added that there are around 1,790 churches in Karnataka, including in his home district of Chitradurga.

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Gulihatti Sekhar said the survey was being conducted to find out how many of the 1,790 churches were operating illegally. If conversion is found, action will be taken against the priests leading such movements. The survey report will be prepared before the committee and then presented to the legislature. There are 36 registered cases of forced conversion in the state. He said this is according to the Department of the Interior.

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Threatened forced conversion is widespread in the state. Gulihatti Sekhar said that churches and Bible societies that are not registered and operate without the permission of the Minority Welfare Directorate or the Minority Commission are considered illegal.

At the same time, Congress opposed the committee’s decision. Rizwan Arshad, an MLA from the Shivajinagar Congress, said the decision was made because many people did not participate in the committee. Christian churches have also protested against the decision to conduct a church-focused survey. The Archbishop of Bengaluru, Rev. P. Said Peter Machado. We learned of such incidents in North India and Karnataka. He added that it is an activity aimed at a community.

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“That the government take the number of educational institutions and health centers run by Christian missionaries, which will give a clear image of the services that the Christian community provides to the country.” We are saddened by surrender. The Madras High Court has said that just by going to church and displaying Christian symbols does not mean that one is a Christian, ”the Archbishop said. Peter Machado clarified.

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