Fortunately, Akshay Kumar won’t be able to make a pop out of the ordinary viewer with ‘Puppet’!

The Puppet Movie that is airing on Disney Hot Star, so those watching from above can say ‘At your own risk’. Once again, Akshay Kumar went to fool the audience, but this time he himself was fooled. There is a saying that the wooden hand does not rise again, here it has become like a cycle. ‘Bachchan Pandey’ had the audacity to become ‘Emperor Prithviraj’, he was tolerated, but people did not like his promise to protect him in ‘Raksha Bandhan’. Still, you have to admire the bravery of him that he took the ‘puppet’ string in his hand. So far only remakes were being made, but I don’t know what Vasu Bhagnani thought and he agreed to the ‘remake’ of the remake by director Ranjit Tiwari’s team. About four years ago, the Tamil movie ‘Ratasan’ was a hit and a year later, the remake also came under the name Rakshasudu in Telugu. So another new version served by Tiwari. Although he had impressed in his previous films Bell Bottom and Lucknow Central, he felt that Bande Mein Dum Hai ‘Puppet’ is creative destruction. In fact, the story of a psychopathic serial killer hunting schoolgirls is a disaster.

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Akshay Kumar is seen failing once again in Katputli

The way the killer’s perverted mentality has been explored, the story just doesn’t fit. Then, on the journey to catch the killer, even the exaggeration of a school teacher’s sexual perversion is not digested. There could have been some other story to expand the journey, why should the psychopath take on the guise of a sexual patient? South Indian viewers like to overdose on theatre, but Hindi movie lovers don’t like that genre, at least on film, as long as a true story is in the public domain.

Unbelievable things are digested for them only when ‘those’ things have ever happened in reality. It means that the film must be inspired by a real series of events and that creative freedom must surround them. So ! I made a movie and I made it. The cast would fix it. If Akshay Kumar were to be taken, then the character of Arjan would have developed into a seasoned adult investigator. It just takes a little creativity. And an adult teacher in front of her, could even have divorced, creating a character and choosing an attractive but mature heroine.

With Rakul Preet Singh, the couple does not fit from any angle. Surely then the film would not have been called a copy but was said to be inspired. The length of the film would also have been reduced by between 15 and 20 minutes. The time the ‘Arjan’ movies wasted from aspiring to tell a crime story to telling the story of how he became a police inspector. Suffice it to say that Arjan is already a Legendary Crime Investigator who has come on transfer. And then the joke about Akshay Kumar flying away, seeing him on screen with Rakul in love with Rakul doesn’t even make fun of him. But what can you do?

I don’t know whose hesitation or compulsion is: the manufacturer or Akshay Kumar, who considers himself a 30-32 year old. Speaking of acting, the two actors are very frozen. One is Malayalam stage artist and film actor Sujit Shankar who has played the role of a disgusting teacher and the other is Sargun Mehta in the role of a tough police officer. Perhaps this will be his debut in Hindi cinema. Chandrachur Singh is right. Now that the movie is streaming on the OTT platform, as long as there is a waste of time and you have to waste it, then you will take the trouble to watch it.

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