Four women, who have planted Raj Kundra’s ‘Lanka’!

The problems of Raj Kundra, the business husband of film actress Shilpa Shetty, arrested in the pornography case, are continually increasing. New revelations are made every day in this case. Many models and actresses have also made sensational accusations against Raj Kundra after the Mumbai police revelations about his alleged black exploits. Model Poonam Pandey, who first appeared in this case, accused Raj Kundra of misusing his personal photos and said he had blackmailed the actress. Not only this, the model’s private mobile number was also leaked for not listening to them. After this Poonam stuff, there was a flood of accusations. Following this, model Sherlyn Chopra, actress Sagarika Suman, and YouTuber Puneet Kaur have also made sensational accusations.

Please let us know which model or actress has accused Raj Kundra …

Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra, Sagarika Shona Suman, and Puneet Kaur have all become Raj Kundra calls at this time.

1. Poonam Pandey: –

Model and actress Poonam Pandey first appeared after Raj Kundra’s arrest. He sensationally accused Kundra of blackmailing him and leaking his mobile phone number. Poonam said: ‘In 2019 they threatened me and forced me to sign a contract, which said: I have to shoot, pose and appear in a certain way according to their wishes. Otherwise they will leak all my personal stuff. When I refused to sign and decided to terminate the contract, they leaked my personal mobile number in the app with a message like ‘Call me now, I’ll take it away.’ I started receiving several requests from different private numbers. Worried about all this, I left the country for three months. But even after returning, I had to face all of this. Because of this, I finally had to change my number.

Poonam Pandey further said: ‘When I signed the contract with him, I understood that they were cheating on me. His way of working is very unprofessional. I canceled the contract in a month. Collaborating with him was the biggest mistake of my life. These people are a fraud. My life has become an open book. I suffered a trauma of another level. I cursed myself after sharing my password and credentials. When I spoke to Raj’s team, they told me that I would not receive the money until I signed the contract again and started working with them. Raj Kundra didn’t convince me either because he knew I don’t just depend on him for work. I terminated all professional relationships with Armsprime Company. Soon after, Raj Kundra approached me looking for another app, Hotshots. It was 100% blackmail. He clearly intended to do this or else be prepared to face bad consequences.

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2. Sherlyn Chopra: –

In the case of making sensational accusations against Raj Kundra, actress Sherlyn Chopra was several steps ahead of Poonam Pandey. He has accused Kundra of sexual harassment. He says Raj was unhappy with his wife Shilpa Shetty. Raj told him that his relationship with Shilpa Shetty was complicated. Live under stress at home. Sherlyn had also filed a case against Raj in April of this year regarding this matter. Sherlyn says that on March 27, 2019, Raj Kundra had arrived at her home without reporting. After this, Raj began to coerce her, while she continued to refuse to do so. She told Raj that she does not want to be in a relationship with a married man nor does she want to mix business with personal life. In March 2019, Sherlyn Chopra signed a contract with Raj Kundra’s Armsprime company, but canceled it after a dispute over the revenue sharing model.

Sherlyn Chopra says: ‘I was not comfortable with the 50-50 revenue sharing model at the time. So after a few days, I terminated my contract with Raj Kundra’s company and asked them to remove the content from the app, but they didn’t remove it. It is still on the Internet. While my video was being shot, Raj came up to me and told me to drop my inhibitions and open up like a Hollywood model. I felt really bad about this. Because I was not told anything like this at the time of the contract, I was pressured later. Let us inform you that Sherlyn Chopra has also recorded her statement appearing before the Mumbai Crime Branch in the Raj Kundra pornography case. He also talks about the business contract with Raj Kundra, the app, and his relationship with Shilpa. In March 2019 Raj Kundra sent him to his business manager with the idea for ‘The Sherlyn Chopra App’.

3. Sagarika Shona Suman: –

It is February of this year. A new model, Sagarika Shona Suman, had accused Raj Kundra of demanding nude auditions from her. He said Raj Kundra is part of a porn business. Not only that, the film actress Shilpa Shetty has also been a partner and director of her company. Shilpa must have been aware of the porn scandal as well. In such a situation, along with Raj, Shilpa Shetty should also be arrested and interrogated. However, the Mumbai police once questioned Shilpa and Raj sitting face to face. It says that Shilpa’s involvement in this case is nowhere proven. However, this sensational accusation of Sagarika Suman was not accepted by anyone at the time, because Raj Kundra is a celebrity and the girl who made the accusation is a model in distress.

Regarding this matter, Sagarika said: ‘I am a model. I have been working in this industry for the last three to four years. I haven’t worked much. Some of those things happened to me during the confinement that I want to share. In August 2020, I received a call from Umesh Kamat ji. They offered me a web series. It was to be produced by Raj Kundra. When I asked him about Raj Kundra, he told me that he was Shilpa Shetty’s husband. She had received nude audition offers on behalf of video call auditions. There were three people on the call at the time. One of them was Umesh Kamat. One’s face was not visible, but it was probably Raj Kundra. Because Umesh Kamat was taking the name Raj Kundra, he is the owner of all the sites that are running. Sagarika says that she does not want the girls who come to the industry to get jobs in this kind of exploitation and this is the reason why she had also spoken out against Raj Kundra in the past.

4. Puneet Kaur: –

Famous YouTuber Puneet Kaur has also caused a sensation by making serious accusations against Raj Kundra. He claims that Raj Kundra had also invited him to work on the videos for his ‘Hotshots’ porn app. But seeing the nature of the app, he refused to work for her. Puneet Kaur is an Indian-American makeup artist who is famous for her Kaur Beauty YouTube channel. She is a medical student and YouTuber from the Bay Area, Northern California. The number of his fans on social media is in lakhs. Puneet wrote: ‘Folks, do you remember our verified DM video? Where you asked me to work for your Hotshots app. I just died. God bless Raj Kundra is now rotting in jail. This man is really catching people. When Raj Kundra’s DM first came to me, I first thought it was spam, but it was true and also disgusting.

Raj Kundra has been alone throughout this episode. Even his wife Shilpa Shetty has yet to publicly issue any official statement in his favor. Even police sources say that when Raj was brought in for questioning in front of Shilpa, she yelled at him. He told Raj that he should have told him about his application or whatever his business was. After that she started crying loudly. Seeing Shilpa cry, Raj Kundra’s eyes filled with tears. After this, Raj Kundra also tried to convince Shilpa. It was repeatedly claimed that he was innocent and said that there was no basis for this case against him. He has not made pornography but erotic movies. Model and actress Gehana Vashistha is also seen defending Kundra along the same lines. She is the only woman associated with this case and is constantly defending Raj. It also says that the police and the law have to differentiate between erotic movies and porn. Raj’s company used to make erotic movies. The model and actress were not pressured.

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